Saturday, May 30, 2009

Latest from Elder J

(This giraffe is from my trip to the Zoo with Maddie! Just thought it went well with the "African" theme!!!)

hello everyone, happy Memorial day!
I didn't even realize it until you all talked about it.
well, things are great here in Bedfordview.
This past week we had the confirmation of two of our recent baptisms. Fernando's confirmation was pretty interesting... when he got comfirmed he walked up to the front and instead of sitting on the chair he knelt down and put his head on the chair! I guess everyone in the circle just kind of looked at eachother and they looked at elder douglas with a "are you sure this guy passed the baptismal interview?" look. Unfortunately i was in the other ward and missed it. but i guess it was awesome.
Anyways, the other one is a guy named Wonderboy it was awesome he used to be really apathetic about the whole baptism thing and we were pretty sure he was only doing it for his wife but now he is a super gospel stud! the past few weeks all he would talk about was how excited he was and how he needs to apply and live the gospel not just have it and what-not. Anyways he cried during his confirmation and he's pumped about getting the priesthood! it's pretty awesome.
Next week i'll be sure to send you some more pictures... i would this week but i left the camera at the flat. maybe i'll send you some super sweet ones. I haven't taken very many pictures since i got here.
anyways are we ready for the scary news of the week... They are thinking about splitting the area this next week and if they do... i might train. i will let you know on monday. I doubt that i actually will. I don't think i'm quite prepared. but who knows it may happen.
But ya, that in-active lady and her husband came to church again this week! And we set an appointment to meet with them on Wednesday! i am pumped. FATHER LED FAMILIES ARE THE BEST.
I hope everything goes well with sydnie! I will definately keep her in my prayers! I'm sure that it will go smoothly. The priesthood is real and that's that. That is assuming you gave her a blessing right? RIGHT?? haha i'm sure the bretheren of the johnson family did not fail.
Well i hope that everything goes well for the family for the next week, tell jack i say happy b-day. And tell jeff that i miss him. And i want b-day pictures next week!
-elder johnson
p.s. here is a great story that i found in a Talk by James E. Faust about my all-time gospel hero J. Golden Kimball, and as we talked a bit about the preisthood i thought it would be nice to share:
. Over a century ago when Elder J. Golden Kimball presided over the Southern States Mission, he called for a meeting of the elders. They were to meet in a secluded spot in the woods so they would have privacy. One of the elders had a problem with one of his legs. It was raw and swollen to at least twice the size of his other leg. But the elder insisted on attending this special priesthood meeting in the woods. So two of the elders carried him to this meeting place.

Elder Kimball asked the missionaries, “Brethren, what are you preaching?”

They said, “We are preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

“Are you telling these people that you have the power and authority, through faith, to heal the sick?” he asked.

They said, “Yes.”

“Well then,” he continued, “why don’t you believe it?”

The young man with the swollen leg spoke up and said, “I believe it.” Here is the rest of the story told in Elder Kimball’s words: “[The elder] sat down on a stump and the elders gathered around him. He was anointed and I administered to him, and he was healed right in their presence. It was quite a shock; and every other elder that was sick was administered to, and they were all healed. We went out of that priesthood meeting and the elders received their appointments, and there was a joy and happiness that cannot be described.”8 Their nutrient of faith had been replenished and their zeal for missionary work revived.

pretty cool eh?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baptisms and More to Come!

hello, how are you all?
Well this week has been good! we had two baptisms on sunday and we shall have 1 more at the end of the month. So that is super exciting.
Umm... we got fed so much the last 3 days. i've got a serious food baby right now. Luckily we are going to playing some b-ball here in a bit so that should help!
We just cleaned the flat today. it was pretty epic. it's the first time since i've been in the new area that i would honestly feel comfortable having mom in our flat. haha
Umm... as far as the work goes... we have some very exciting investigators these days.
One of our recent coverts(Kim) little brothers has been coming to church and young mens for the past two weeks and he loves it. Anyways... we're going to teach him lesson one this week and it should go well. I'm very excited. Once we get graham then the parents will hopefully follow the example of their children! haha
We also had a family come to church that we hadn't seen before and when we introduced ourselves the mom said "I'm an inactive member" and then introduced the rest of the family. but she and her husband seemed to really enjoy church and we are planning on teaching the rest of the family and getting her reactivated! so i'm excited about that!
Aside from that i can't really think of too much big news!
Just remember.... the church is true!
And keep trying to find people to introduce to the gospel and have the missionaries teach. THE MISSIONARIES ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THE WORK ALONE!!!
-elder johnson

Monday, May 4, 2009

Elder Douglas and I are a Rock N' Roll Powerhouse of Spiritual Blessings From on High!

I couldn't resist posting a picture of Michael in his "rock n roll" days, not that that was his music style. I also loved his analogy of the guitar, Kevin is in this picture playing the bass.

This week's email~
Johnsons! Cutlers! Joneses!
I have come to solemnly declare that the church is true! And that that is the case where ever you go and that Elder Douglas and I are a Rock N' Roll Powerhouse of Spiritual Blessings From on High!
He wrote that to his family and i had to tell my family as well! haha
I'll start off by telling a story that i told jeff in the email i sent him....
We went to teach a recent convert(candice) and her husband (jared) who has been a member his whole life and we were going to just review some of the commandments or whatever... but before we went we both were prompted that we should teach lesson 1. And when we got there We came to find out that candice can hardly remember anything the missionaries taught her and as well her little sister who isn't a member was there and we taught her. And over the weekend candice's little sister told her that she knows that our church is truer than the one her parents take her to!...
This is such a great example as to how the lord can get the message that his children needs to get to them as long as the instruments he uses are in tune. For instance... if a guitar is out of tune, it doesn't matter how good you are it's still gonna sound like rubbish. But if it is in tune and if the person is who is playing it knows how to play it then it sounds awesome.
It's the same with the lord and his servants here on earth. We must be in tune with the spirit so that the lord... who you better believe knows how to play his instruments..... can play one sweet masterpiece of a spiritual guitar solo upon his children whom are ready to recieve it.
As a missionary so far i have experienced both being an out of tune instrument and a perfectly tuned instrument. Trust me, it is much better to be the latter. There is definately a difference.
So my spiritual message for the family is that we should always be in tune with the spirit so that the lord can use us to bring blessings into other people's lives!
Anyways though...
I'm glad to hear that things are going well at home!
When i heard about the ham and mac and cheese i got really hungry.
But as far as the phone call goes... it should be coming around 8 o'clock!
So i hope you're all excited!
What im going to do is... i'll call you around 8ish... and give you a number to call me back on!i hope that will work!
I'm glad you enjoy my haircut... i do to. I think i will soon be needing another hair is getting a bit to long for comfortable mission work. I want to keep the top long though... i am just dying to be able to part my hair! it would make my mission experience complete. haha jk
the tsela's are on date for baptism later this month... i am so excited for them!
Nelspruit seems like forever ago! it's crazy... i am so caught up in all the people here and what not. but ya definately ecxited for all the people who i taught who were on date when i left!
Welp... i'm gonna get on my way... we have a lunch appointment with an old widow in our ward. so we gotta get to that! but have a great week everyone! Remember to keep praying and looking for people that you can refer to the missionaries to teach!
-elder johnson