Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spoonin' and...transfers are coming!

March 15,2010
The baptism was a smashing success! as well we had double digit investigators at sacrament for the first time ever in selcourt! it was great! :)
And guess what?? we're gonna try to have another one this week.
so that will be sweet!
Unfortunately obert had an emergency and wasn't able to baptize them, But he'll be ready soon!
Obert was baptized like 3 months ago. he should've had the aaronic priesthood a long long time ago but..... ya. the ward takes time to get on top of things.
I've attached some pics of the baptism and the FHE we did the night before with norbert,tariro, obert and sabina!
It was so fun! we played some intense games of spoons! I apparently was the best spooner but jeff dad and kevin already know that. haha just spoonin ya.
Ya elder maisonueve is from around there. He was the AP for awhile in our mission, He was a cool dude.
Well i'll try to work the poor man's copywrite. I'm not too concerned most of the songs i was worried about being taken already have been. But it's ok there's more where that came from...
ya member missionary work is the best. You guys should have them over for a braai or dinner or something nice. That way the family can "meet the bishop" as well have some friends in the ward.
Member missionary work is more than just saying hello at sacrament meeting! I'm glad to hear you went skiing with steph that's awesome! Just start with baby steps and work your way up. That's the way it's done!
We get transfer news on saturday so my next email will contain my destiny for the next 4 1/2 to 6 months! I'm hoping to go to Lebotse( a village in botswana) and be the branch president and just stay up there the rest of my mission....but thats a pretty high aspiration! haha
I'm still having a bunch of fun here in selcourt though. It is gonna be tough to leave, it is the land of my inheritance.
But aside from that there isn't too much going on! We're just working hard!
Have a great week!
the church is true!
-elder johnson

Mon, Mar 8, 2010
Well, i come before you this day repentant! My last email was a bit dreary and down. But this week all is well! don't worry obert is getting the priesthood this week just in time so that he can baptise norbert and tariro! it's gonna be sweet. we are pumped!
Ya as far as the oscars go.... All i know is that Avatar is like the biggest thing since sliced bread or something.... i've seen stuff for it everywhere.
We put our white investigator (dirk) on date yesterday!! He's engaged to a member in the ward and he is going to baptized in may! Unfortunately i won't be here when it happens.... but it's all good!
As well Sis. Zwane is on date. I don't know if we told you about here but she is the mother of a convert in the township and we got her as a refferal and she is awesome. We teach powerful lessons every time! it's awesome!!
Oh man, i can't believe that biking is a hobby to some people.... ugh. i'm tired of it!!! haha
What else is good news?!?! One of our new investigators Jeffrey... is a stud He's just rocking the lessons. I'm thinking of even having him baptized in a few weeks. maybe before i leave. it's a bit selfish but i would baptize him before just about anyone but Norbert and Tariro! He's power.
So tomorrow night when we teach obert our lesson is gonna be "how to baptize" i'm pumped!
I also had the chance to play for a missionary fireside we had with Marlin K. Jensen. I played "come thou fount" it was awesome! i was going to send a video of me practicing it but it wont fit.... sorry. Well when i send a dvd of pictures home i'll include it!
Ya i just finished the book of mormon... so i started D&C.... i'm kinda pumped already it's been blowing my mind.... the first section is nuts.... lots of sweet stuff in there. It's nice when scripture study becomes exciting!
But the lord has definately been answering my prayers this week as i fasted this sunday i asked to be able to enjoy the work and to love the people... even if their stressing me out a bit, and oh boy did i get answered! it was awesome!
-elder johnson

Monday, March 1, 2010

Things are going GREAT for Elder J in JOBURG!

Heidelburg is a park in S. Africa, much like Krueger Park near his first area of Nelspruitt. There are a ton of animals and sightseeing to be had. Sounds like Michael's experience wasn't too great. Hopefully he can get back there. And maybe I could go with him!!

March 1, 2010
well i'm glad you woke up on time to write your only son in the wilderness(of suid afrika)!
Welp things are going well. This week was a bit of a trying one. First of all i am now beginning to see the racism of south africa more and more.... it's stressing especially when most of your investigators are black... and 90% of the ward is white. and heaven forbid it get too "dark" in sacrament meeting! ugh.... but that's all i shall say on the matter!
Unfortunately our heidelburg trip was a huge flop and when we got to the game reserve it was too late and the reserve wasn't that great any ways!
AS far as the work goes this side we're doing great my boy elder matunya is awesome. We're taking care of business. Norbert and Tariro are going to baptized for sure and Ernest and Ruth wiill probably be as well! unfortunately everest and mercy are getting a bit sketchy.... :/
But our other investigators are awesome! we just started teaching this guy named jeffrey! he's dating a membewr in our ward. and he is awesome!! he's starting to get super pumped about the gospel. we put him on date the first lesson! and he's come to church the past two weeks! so we're pumped for him!
I had the chance to go interview some people for baptism! that was fun, I've gotten to do it a quite a few times now! it's always a sweet experience! i love it!
Aside from that the week was pretty normal. But i was excited to see callie! she looks cute! it will be great to get to hold her in a few months. I'll be sure to ask mia though! Geez, those girls are growing up like crazy!
And jack sounds like a little stud!
oh and i bought the jerseys! they are sweet! the guys are gonna love em! transfers are on the 24th of march and yes i'm about 90% sure i'll be leaving! it's crtazy it's almost been 6 months since i got here! IT's been a lot of growing up and change. But i'ts been change for the good. the lord has helped me alot!
the church is true!
-elder johnson

Feb. 22, 2010
Hola hola eita majita! AYOBANESS!!
I'll start by answering some questions!

elder durham?!?! i served with him for 10 days!! haha he's from, very goofy kid!
that's crazy! he came to springs to fill in for a missionary who finished mission and went home before transfers due to christmas travel. that's funny.
I'm glad to here that Ben got home! tell him kinichiwa! and to "taisetsusamono... THE CHURCH IS TRUE!"
I'm pretty sure taisetsusamono means remember the important things?? if not tell him sorry that my half japanese mission friend misinformed me! but that's all the japanese i know!

As far as my needs.... i'm healthy.... Money is nice and it's always nice to have more. :) I have been getting a bit low. I hope your proud i don't spend near as much as i used to! haha

As far as the baptisms go... i will probably see 6 next month!! Norbert and Tariro, Ernest and Ruth, and Everest and Mercy. I'm pretty excited! Norbert and Tariro are gonna be power!
Norbert answered a question today in priesthood. I about gave him a round of applause. The question was what to obstacles keep us away from god??? he raised his hand and said : "SIN AND DEATH" Woo!!!! i was so pumped. Thats one of the few moments of Holy Pride that we missionaries get to experience. it was radical!

Tell kev-bot congratulations! that's awesome! i hope to join him someday! if not bsu is better at football anyways.... :)
the neices sound like a handful! that's always good.
Oh man... we've had a good week. It's been hectic but good. I'm loving it!
WE're going to heidelburg to see some leopards and baboons and what not today!
So i'll hopefully send some pictures of that home soon! i think it should be cool!
But have a great week! keep up the good work! life sounds good that side!
-elder johnson