Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eleven Months? Are You Kidding Me?

well it's been a pretty intense week!
I've officially been in south africa for 11 months today. it's crazy.
In other news We've had some nice success!
Here's the statistical breakdown...
WE taught 8 father led family lessons.
We had 6 investigators at church as well as a couple of families that members invited as part of their mission work
We also had 11 new investigators!
pretty sweet eh?
My Camera Situation is pretty pathetic.... As i don't have one. I think i might just try to buy a cheap one with the birthday funds i hope to receive.... ;)
Oh and everything is awesome as far as companionship and work goes. Elder Hatch is a cool guy.
The Zone Conference was awesome!
Oh and i was also wondering if i could get a little extra money so we could go out to dinner one of these nights as a celebration for the opening of the area..... i'll only need like 10 bucks...
OH AND I GOT THE PACKAGE!! IT IS AWESOME!!!! Tell jeff thanks so much for all the talks and music. It's radical.
And yes i still have my guitar which i need to buy strings for because one broke. haha
And yes i sing all the time. Not solo too much. But we helped out the ward choir in Bedfordview once so i got to do that! :)
And i think i will be sending those pictures home very soon! So be ready for that!
My clothes are fine, the heat is ok. We actually walk alot as well. IT works awesome... as we all know from D & C The elders must not move too swiftly while souls all around are perishing. So sometimes we just walk and talk with everyone we come across. It's pretty sweet.
But ya this area has been awesome. I've been putting a lot more effort into dillegence and obedience. IT's been pretty lekker!
Oh and i'm also glad to hear about all the success in the sports world!
Welp, Unfortunately my internet was being difficult earlier and i'm about out of time. But i hope you all have a wonderful week!
i'll talk to you soon!

The Church is True!
-elder johnson

Monday, October 19, 2009

Elder Johnson is Doing Great!

Dear Johnson Tribe
How's it?
Man it sounds like the eagles are on a roll.... And the broncos are hanging in there! I hope they can get recharged. Next weeks game will not be easy... But # 4 is pretty insane!!
As far as the work out here goes.... We are kicking some booty. We visited a ton of members and talked about mission work and as well we contacted a ton of people and are teaching like 5 father led families. So that's pretty awesome. So we're very excited. We're just hoping that the members will start to produce some fruits from the family mission plans we have distributed amongst them.
We went to PEC this week and the bishop spoke about missionary work for like 45 minutes in the which was the quotes... " if you are tracting then you are not working hard, if you are working with the members then you are working hard" as well as "this is our missionary work. They have been sent to us to help us. We should be finding, they should be teaching" and when one of the bishopric asked us if we had contacted a referall he gave us the bishop said " I hate to break it to you but that isn't mission work, You should have these people being taught in your home by the missionaries"
So he's pretty pumped about it. And we'll be teaching a family in his home this week. Unfortunately the member work isnt to a point where we don't tract but we'll see maybe in a few months it will be!
But with our hard work and the members enthusiasm this place can & will explode! I am looking forward to seeing the growth over the next few months!
What else is there to tell about?? Well i am hoping to recieve my package this week at zone conference! it would be most excellent.
As well, The biking is getting me into good shape again. IT's pretty intense!
Oh and a member of the Springs' ward took a picture of me and elder hatch in his studio the other day. He's been taking pictures of all the missionaries who come into the area for over 10 years. So hopefully i can send that to you soon! Oh and i got moms letter! it was great! i loved it! I'm glad to hear that kevin is such a stud. And that Dad is still......Dad. He's the best. OH and yes i got an email from jeff. It was awesome. He is the man. I always tell the missionaries i serve with how rad my big brother is.
But keep up the good work, Keep up the missionary work on your side!
Sounds good.
The Church is True!
-elder johnson

Monday, October 12, 2009

Look Who's a District Leader!

Hello everyone,
welp i am officially in the land of Boers! But its gonna be fun. The ward is super psyched about mission work and are ready to rip it up. So i'm thinking that in the next couple of weeks we will have quite the teaching pool. We did A LOT of tracting the first few days and it yielded little results. Just like president hinckley said it would. So now we are going to harness the powers of members and spread gospel joy and baptism to all of their friends and family members!
IT's gonna be sweet.
All i said in that last email for all of you who "praat nie afrikaans nie" Was that I speak no afrikaans. And seeings that im in an area where ALOT of people do, i think i'm gonna try to learn a bit. So that will be fun.
But it is a ward here and the bishop is AWESOME! He's a returned missionary and is just super fired up about having missionaries in the ward. And i think so far we've made a good impression. IT's definately going to be great.
And here's the other news that i didn't out until the day before i got here... i'm a district leader. You know you do what you can in laying low to stay away from such things but one day it'll hunt you down and get you. And that's what it did to me. So we'll see how it all goes....
My companion is pretty radical as well. He comes from a super tough area that just got closed so he knows how to work. WE are actually supposed to get the car once a week and go down to that area and continue teaching the few investigators they had. Which brings me to the next bit of news... for my 2nd summer in a row in south africa i will be on BIKES! Huzzah!So hopefully that will make me nice and fit over the next 6 months or so....
So i think it's gonna be a hard working area but it will also be a fruitful area once we get things rolling here!
But aside from that im very excited to hear that Boise State is doing an awesome job as well as Capital. Hopefully they all keep it up.
I also got some totally rad pictures from melissa of Trev and spenc-bots.
Trevor is getting so big!!! It's crazy.... I'm not going to recognize all those kids!
It's also awesome to hear about all the support that's coming from the family. I definately am thankful for all your prayers.
The other sad news is that i still haven't gotten the package!! i'm hoping i'll have it tomorrow when the zone leaders go to the office for a meeting. I'm really looking forward to it!
BUT ALL IS WELL! i shall look forward to hearing from you all soon!
The church is true.
Keep Up Your Prayers and Studies.
keep the commandments.
And you can insert any other gospel messages that you need. here
( )

-elder johnson

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Transfer, A Trainer and Opening a New Area

Welp... here's the news.
I'm being transfered.
Here's the bigger news.
I'm follow-up training
Here's the Biggest NEWS!
It's called Selcourt. it's an area outside of a town called springs.
I'm pretty much a mess of emotions. I'm excited and scared to death at the same time! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?! haha
My new Companion's name is Elder Hatch. He was recently serving in a very tough area called Secunda that had to be shut down because it was totally dead. So i'm gonna show him the brighter side of missionary work and we're going to rip it up in Selcourt and have an awesome time doing it! haha
According to president the area is mostly black and has some township in it. So i will be rolling ghetto style the next few months. And all the white people there are Afrikaans unfortunately Ek Praat Nie Afrikaans Nie. So i'll have to work on it so that i can in the fashion of The Apostle Paul say: To the Boers i was a Boer! haha Boer is a nickname for afrikaaners. haha

Aside from that.... i haven't gotten the package yet. But it should be here by transfer meeting on wednesday, So i'll check for it when i'm at the office.
As far as rooibos goes... I could probably send some, that just depends on when i get around to sending it. I'll try to do that soon though. Rooibos is very cheap here. I don't know how much it is to order over there though. It comes in tea bags though. IT's divine. i just got this camomile rooibos. And it's radical!
But things are all good in bedfordview, I did my last trip to hokkaido on saturday after conference. It was awesome and i am still stuffed from all the sushi. Paul & Michelle met us there. It was awesome!
I'm kinda sad to be leaving the area. I'm gonna miss alot of people. And i'm gonna miss some baptisms of some of our investigators! :/
All in all though I'm very excited for the new experience. I'm kinda shocked that the lord is trusting me with this responsibility.... I guess i kinda forget that i'm not a brand new missionary anymore. I've been out for well over 10 months now but i feel like it's been like 4 weeks. haha
But i feel that the lord has some big plans for his work out there. So he'll be there to help me out with things. I wouldn't be going there if he didn't know i could do it.
As far as conference goes... IT WAS BAIE LEKKER! haha
Unfortunately we didn't get to see sunday afternoon because it showed at 10 at night. But the rest was awesome. Uchtdorf was on fire. I loved his stuff... and not one aviation reference. it was impressive.
I took lots and lots of notes. You definately can feel the spirit burn within you as you listen to those men. I was just blown away the whole time. There were definately somethings that i needed to hear, that will help me a ton!
But i hope you all have a great week! Stay well! I love you!

-elder johnson

I couldn't resist looking this up!
"Lekker, baie lekker", means very very good in Afrikaans.