Monday, October 5, 2009

A Transfer, A Trainer and Opening a New Area

Welp... here's the news.
I'm being transfered.
Here's the bigger news.
I'm follow-up training
Here's the Biggest NEWS!
It's called Selcourt. it's an area outside of a town called springs.
I'm pretty much a mess of emotions. I'm excited and scared to death at the same time! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?! haha
My new Companion's name is Elder Hatch. He was recently serving in a very tough area called Secunda that had to be shut down because it was totally dead. So i'm gonna show him the brighter side of missionary work and we're going to rip it up in Selcourt and have an awesome time doing it! haha
According to president the area is mostly black and has some township in it. So i will be rolling ghetto style the next few months. And all the white people there are Afrikaans unfortunately Ek Praat Nie Afrikaans Nie. So i'll have to work on it so that i can in the fashion of The Apostle Paul say: To the Boers i was a Boer! haha Boer is a nickname for afrikaaners. haha

Aside from that.... i haven't gotten the package yet. But it should be here by transfer meeting on wednesday, So i'll check for it when i'm at the office.
As far as rooibos goes... I could probably send some, that just depends on when i get around to sending it. I'll try to do that soon though. Rooibos is very cheap here. I don't know how much it is to order over there though. It comes in tea bags though. IT's divine. i just got this camomile rooibos. And it's radical!
But things are all good in bedfordview, I did my last trip to hokkaido on saturday after conference. It was awesome and i am still stuffed from all the sushi. Paul & Michelle met us there. It was awesome!
I'm kinda sad to be leaving the area. I'm gonna miss alot of people. And i'm gonna miss some baptisms of some of our investigators! :/
All in all though I'm very excited for the new experience. I'm kinda shocked that the lord is trusting me with this responsibility.... I guess i kinda forget that i'm not a brand new missionary anymore. I've been out for well over 10 months now but i feel like it's been like 4 weeks. haha
But i feel that the lord has some big plans for his work out there. So he'll be there to help me out with things. I wouldn't be going there if he didn't know i could do it.
As far as conference goes... IT WAS BAIE LEKKER! haha
Unfortunately we didn't get to see sunday afternoon because it showed at 10 at night. But the rest was awesome. Uchtdorf was on fire. I loved his stuff... and not one aviation reference. it was impressive.
I took lots and lots of notes. You definately can feel the spirit burn within you as you listen to those men. I was just blown away the whole time. There were definately somethings that i needed to hear, that will help me a ton!
But i hope you all have a great week! Stay well! I love you!

-elder johnson

I couldn't resist looking this up!
"Lekker, baie lekker", means very very good in Afrikaans.


SarahAnne said...

Go Michael! What an awesome responsibility and opportunity. Your heart is the right place, Heavenly Father knows it, so blessings are being poured out upon you in the form of new experiences and opportunities. Best of luck! I know I haven't been a part of your daily life much the last 10 years, but I am truly proud of you (in a righteous way) and thrilled for this incredible journey and errand you are on. Blessings! (As if he's gonna read this, LOL).

Caralee, as soon as he is transferred can you email me his address? We want to send letters to missionaries for FHE in the next few weeks or so, and Christmas cards, too. :)

Terry said...

Congrats and thank your for your time and smiles with Elder Leve!