Monday, September 28, 2009

He said I am LEGENDARY? Hardly!

well, well, well, another week gone past, and another girl for the cutlers!
Welp, Things are still going well over here! We get transfer news this Saturday!! ITS GONNA BE NUTS! I'm so nervous i've hit the 6 month mark in this area and thats usually the time they start to mix it up. So we shall see.... I told paul to find you all on Facebook, apparently he has! That's sweet. He got a kick out of my pj picture! haha This week we have an uber conference party weekend planned!! COnference starts at 6 o' clock on saturday night sooooo.... we are going to go watch conference then go to our favorite all you can eat sushi place and chow and reminesce on the awesomeness that was the first session of conference. SO we're pretty pumped about that. As far as investigators who will attend we should have around 10 checking it out. We just met these two new guys who stay in the same flat as David, One of our congolese investigators. And the new guys are super pumped to learn more about the gospel and They both said they wanted to come and watch a session of conference. so that will be awesome! On even crazier news... one of our investigator families is GOING TO CONFERENCE. I don't mean to the chapel to watch it on the screen, I mean going to salt lake and being there! haha Unfortunately they are eternal investigators and the dad is a pretty high-ranking guy at SABC and knows Jacob Zuma and what not. So the church is paying for them to go. IT's pretty crazy. So we'll see maybe it will change things for them!
Ya i was just thinking the other day about how it was only a year ago we all went to Conference. And how could i forget the spooning..... legend. haha
CONFERENCE IS GONNA BE SO SWEET THIS YEAR!!! I just can't get over it.
By the way i had my 10 month birthday on saturday! Pretty crazy eh? I'm entering into the "dog days" of mission, It's pretty crazy. I think i have the endurance to plow through though! haha
Oh and speaking of indian food. We went to this indian family's house for dinner on saturday night. it was soooooo good! it blew my mind.
Oh and i can now make bunny chow! which is a south african/indian favorite. So When i get home i shall make them for you all. IT's incredible it's pretty much curry inside of a breadbowl. it rocks.
As far as our other investigators go though... everything is ok thus far. Eve Is still doing well. She is one of two investigators in edenvale. All of our other ones are in Bedfordview.
And Joseph and Gertrude are doing well. Gertrude came to church again and enjoyed it and Joseph is going to come to Conference so i'm pretty pumped about that! :)
And all of the recent converts are rolling along. Siyanda is doing awesome, so is delicate and Paul and frank and mary are kicking it as well. So things are all good. :)
WEll i guess in my final words for this email i would just like to thank Mom for using the word "DOOF" in her last email. It was Legendary. Thank you.
The Church is True.
Have a Good week!
-elder johnson

These are pictures of the recent baptism in Edenvale and Bedfordview. Michael looks so happy! I love the short hair!
Paul and Michelle feed the boy regularly and have recently made contact with me through FB and email. I can't wait to hear of their progress in the gospel.


Terry said...

Pix! Yeah! From Elder Leve's dad

SarahAnne said...

More wonderful news. You know, I love telling people about Michael's success, not to toot Michael's horn, but to tell how the work is progressing so rapidly in other parts of the world. In SLC where the work can sometimes feel stagnant, it's a real testimony booster to hear of people finding the missionaries and asking to be taught. My hope in sharing about Michael's mission is to strengthen their testimonies - it does mine just by telling about it.