Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Work Keeps Rollin!

hello family....
Well, thanks for the financial update. Those one's sound legit. Alot of it is because when i was with elder douglas we got a speeding ticket and they take it from our allotment. That and the fact that we ate out way too much. So i'll work on that. BTW... speaking of de molen and nando's and romans You guys have got to have that stuff.... it's awesome. Nando's is the best chicken in the world and de molen's is a little pancake shop that we hit once a transfer for when people leave the area. The PNP one is a Grocery Store so that was just getting groceries, I also had to take some out today because i'm out of monies and i need to dry clean some ties and slacks. I will certainly do a much better job of managing my funds, When our new alotment comes in this saturday! I'll be sure to budget things out and make it nice. But ya, it's pretty bomb being able to stay here in the B'fordview/edenvale area for a bit longer. Unfortunately david won't be ready for the baptisms in september he's been sick 2 sundays in a row and has missed so we're gonna wait. But The other 5 are still on track! So we'll plan on that! It will double my total amount of baptisms so far! :)
Anyways, this week was pretty interesting... i have just gotten over a cold and now i'm having stomach problems.... pretty sweet eh? It's ok though. It should be better by tomorrow.
HOLY MOLY! The bsu season starts this week!! I think that if they win you should let me know in DETAIL! And if they lose just don't say anything. Because i might get depressed and need to come home so i can personally see to it that bsu salvages their season.... haha jk.
I guess you can tell me. But i will take it quite hard.
As far as the work over here goes.... things are still rolling. We met this awesome lady named Marjorie last week. She's a white lady who for some reason got reffered to the Alexandra Elders. Needless to say she is now ours. White South Africans and Township don't mix too nicely! :)
But she's been really cool so far. IS realy interested in stuff like baptisms for the dead and the plan of salvation. So we're pretty pumped about what lies in store for her!
As well the rest of them are doing great. Paul and Michelle took us out to dinner on thursday to an all you can eat pizza place called pannorattis! It's like R 30 for all you can eat pizza. Which would be like 4 bucks back home! So that was lekker.
And Frank and MAry are doing ok. The only problem is that frank keeps getting jobs so we never get to see him. Hopefully Business will slow down a tad so we can finish up teaching them! We had a fireside this week to help get members pumped about mission work. It actually went really well. We spent a lot of time preparing and working on it. We made a powerpoint and everything. Anyways it will yield results for sure. We have a few people with refferals for us already!
So i'm super excited! If the missionaries are not working with the ward back in boise they need to. That is the only way to get things done. Do the missionaries even come and meet with you(dad) and ask about what they can do and what your expectations are as far as their work goes? In chapter 13 of pmg it talks alot about working with ward and stake leaders and it is seriously the most effective and best way to work in the wealthier areas of the world. In our area we can work our booties off and tract all day long and still not be effective missionaries. However in township they can do the same and have loads of success. That's one thing elders need to start realizing that you need to adjust the work the area that they're in. It's then that you really start to have success. So if they haven't chatted with you and developed some sort of mission plan for the ward then jump on them for it. haha
Welp i think that's about it for me. Have a great week! I love you all a bunch thanks so much for the support and prayers!

-elder johnson

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SarahAnne said...

His letters are always so great to hear. I love hearing of all the success he's having.