Monday, August 24, 2009

6 more weeks in Edenvale

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woah, another week.....
It's too fast eh? I've said it before and i'll say it again if i didn't have a planner i would have no idea what day it was. Everything just kind blurs into a week long day. if that makes sense. Wow fish tacos sound awesome. That will be a must do. By the way it is my 9 month b-day this thursday.... so have a little celebration, drink a dr. pepper in my memory or something. haha
But yes i shall bring much rooibos home with me, i like it... alot. I have a feeling i shall be the herbal tea expert of the family when i get home. Cause i love that stuff.
As far as my money issues go... i think a couple of those might be legit but it was way earlier in my mission when i used that. So the ones that have happened lately i don't know. MAybe atms here add a killer processing fee or something.... i don't know. I'll try to figure it out cause usually when i take from my savings it's like for 50 or 100 rands which is 7 or 12 dollars... Let me investigate and i shall let you know.
But aside from that i have some good news... i will not be getting transfered this transfer. So i will be here another 6 weeks. Which means i will see the baptisms of: Paul, David, Frank, Mary, Delicate, and Siyanda! So that has me very excited! The sad knews is that my buddy elder McCombs is being transfered. He was serving in Alexandra. But he's going to Turffontein and is serving with my other mission pal who i served with in nelspruit, elder wilson.
But let me tell you about our investigators!!
We had an awesome lesson with David this last week, we've been a bit concerned about his testimony and what not and weren't sure if he was ready for word of wisdom yet. Anyways the time came and as i opened my mouth unsure of what to teach between Scripture study or word of wisdom. the spirit spoke up and said word of wisdom. Anyways at the end of the lesson david said (in french) "Now i know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet. Because he taught about all things and things that help us now in our day" It was awesome! i was so pumped. So he's doing quite well. Once again the spirit leads the elders to victory.
Paul is doing very well also. WE had a POWER lesson with him on thursday it pretty much turned into a testimony meeting where We and his wife michelle hit him up hardcore. IT was great. He'll definately be ready. Delicate is also still doin well. He's still being a stud.
We have also been teaching a kid named Immanuel. He is awesome. We teach him in a one room flat. about the size of... our guest room, maybe smaller. he shares it with his friend... We teach a lot of people in similar living situations. Just remember that whenever you feel like the lord isn't blessing you enough. it will quickly change your mind. It has for me.
But usually we have a whole army of malawian immigrants who come and listen and it's going well! Immanuel is the one constant one that's always there and he's growing alot through the gospel.
Anyways... I best be going. We got to be at the chapel in 5 minutes for a braii! But have a good week! i hope to hear from you all soon! and i sent kevin a very excited message about him getting into singers... it's bomb.
welp peace out.

-elder johnson

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