Monday, August 3, 2009

Baptism City Yo!

Grace's baptism went super awesome! it was power!!!
I'll send you some pictures next week! But that girl has a crazy awesome testimony! She is gonna do so great!
And chantelle will be baptized this saturday! Everything went sharp with the interview! So i am pumped!
And september is when the flood gates are going to bust open, we have like 6 people on date that month!
Paul is doing great as well! we had an awesome power lesson with him and michelle. Michelle is doing such an awesome job, in helping him progress, it's been awesome.
Well aside from that my plan for getting an indestructible camera is this..... I'm going to stop being a cheap skate and actually buy a case for the next one. That will probably work. Oh and guess what?!?! WE had a killer hail storm on saturday and it nearly looked like snow. it was exciting. Whoever said that africa doesn't get cold.... was seriously mistaken. It can get quite nippy. I think i might buy a nice jacket for next winter. Cause this first one has been rough! haha
I hope you are all enjoying the warm summer weather, cause i've just about had it with the cold. But don't worry summer will come soon and i will probably be ready for winter within a few days of it starting.
But back to the baptism.... It was incredible the spirit was so strong. I was tearing up. and Everyone there was feeling it. it was great. The best part was when grace was bearing her testimony and said.... "i am proud to say that i am a mormon!"
I wanted to just jump up and shout "AMEN SISTER!"
but luckily i refrained and the spirit remained!
But it was definately one of the best moments of my mission thus far. I honestly would never trade anything for the experiences that i am having right now. This seriously has been the best thing i've ever done.
To know the blessing that these people have the chance of receiving is what makes it so amazing. I know that what i am doing here is giving people the chance to be truly happy in this life and in the life to come. And it makes me so pumped. It's awesome!
Welp have a great week!

-elder johnson

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SarahAnne said...

Truly wonderful! :)