Monday, July 27, 2009

He SLEEPS in These? Another Camera Bites the Dust!

Hello hello hello
I'm glad to see that the family has all survived: Melissa with child birth, Mom with the hot texas sun, kevin with providing for himself, and dad with cloning himself. congrats. I am proud to announce that i too have survived, in fact, i have more than survived i will say that i thrived.
The first full week with elder leve was quite nice. The guy knows how to work. And we got a lot done! And we are now having more fun, So things are good! Work & Fun go hand in hand. Work Hard, Play Hard(appropriately) is a good tip for an enjoyable and successful mission experience.
As far as the teaching of the gospel goes.... It's great! We keep doing the talk about program as president asked us to and even though we have yet to see fruits from the program itself, We are blessed with referalls from other people in the ward. I think it just springs from the willingness that we have had to use the program and the lord will bless us whether it comes out of the program or not.
So we will have a couple of new people to teach in the coming week so that's exciting!
Grace is going to be baptized this week! I am soooo pumped!! She is so ready for it!
And then Chantelle will be baptized next saturday! So that will be awesome! Delicate is on date for the 20th of september! he is a stud as well. He already knows the church is true and is loving it! It's crazy cause his wife is a member and has been trying to get him into the gospel for a long time but he never did and didn't want her to go to church either. But then one day he felt that he needed to go and he is doing awesome!
Paul is doing ok as well! We're still working on solidifying his testimony but he'll come around! I think we'll give him an official baptism date this week!
And Siyanda came to church this week! Luckily delicate & his family lives right across the street so they gave her a ride! She seemed to enjoy it!
Oh and mary munyariri came to church! That made me happy. She has been struggling a bit lately. The Seventh Day ADVENTURERS that live with her keep telling her stupid stuff about the church so we have to go in and explain that it's a bunch of rubbish. But i think she's doing much better now!

To answer your questions.... We dont really have JR and SR companions but elder leve is 12 months and i am 8.
OH and tell Bro. Leve not to worry all is well! Elder Leve and I are kicking some serious spiritual booty. And not to worry after the short adjustment phase into the new area the smile has once again arisen.
Well what else can i tell y'all about!?!
I think i'll send you a picture of me in some african pj's! Oh and speaking of camera.... i've got sad news. I put my camera in my suit pocket and the pocket flung underneath me and i sat on it and the screen broke. I'm an epic failure, i know. So if you don't see too many more pictures from me for a while you now know why.
But aside from that everything is dyn-o-mite! It's been a very nice/busy week!
Have a great week!
the church is.... DOUBLE TRUE!
-elder johnson

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Terry said...

Yeah! Great job! We're praying for you and your investigators.

Elder Leve's dad