Monday, July 13, 2009

Now that's a SNAKE!

dear family,
how are things?!
Well things are still going awesome here in South Africa!
I would like to apologize about the lack of pictures last week.... actually i think the internet cafe people should apologize as the server was acting up and it made sending pictures very difficult.
This week is for sure though! and you should enjoy them... we ran into sean(wild dog man) for the first time in like 2 months and i took a picture with him so i'll send that one for sure! It actually happened this morning as we walked into the email place!! As well as the ones previously mentioned.
Well we had some sad news.... natasha won't be getting baptized as of yet. She bailed on her interview and has since been sketchy... it's lame, elder douglas both knew she wasn't ready (from the spirit) yet we were so excited we tried to just ignore it and keep going. But hopefully things will improve this week! On a much brighter note we put chantelle on date for the 26th of july so she'll be good to go with grace! we're pumped about that... We were gonna put paul on date but he and michelle got their house broken into! it was a bummer.... So hopefully this week things will happen! As well we have some new investigators that we are excited for... one is a couple from Zimbabwe who seems pretty promising... pretty much anyone who is willing to read and pray about the book of mormon is hopeful because if they do that they will feel the spirit and know that it is true. It's pretty radical. Anywho... we are also teaching a very wealthy white family.... which is crazy! cause that doesn't happen too often! but we'll see how it goes! Hmm... but yes it's true the greeniness has worn off! It's crazy, but i'm turning into a battle hardened servant of the lord. I can officially bash the living daylights outta seventh day adventists. Of course i do the right thing and try to avoid it with testimony but after awhile i just give them a little something to think about. Oh geez.... if kevin goes AP then that will leave me as the underachieving elder of the bunch......just kidding!
I'd rather be out in the field then stuck in the office any day. haha It's not what calling you're serving in, it's how you serve in the calling to which you've been called.
It's funny i was just thinking about how big of a role humility has played in my mission thus far... my farewell talk was about it, my mission scripture was about it and i keep coming across it over and over again. It's something that i have to work on big time cause whenever i don't work on it the lord likes to remind me that i need to work on it. And like most things in life it's better to just work on it then be reminded to do it. But i have a formula that i developed early in mission it looks like this:
Humility = Obedience = Happiness
Pride = Disobedience = Unhappiness
When it comes down to it there is a whole lot riding on how humble we are.
Well i hope that everyone has a baia lekker week!
and i hope you all enjoy the pictures.
Oh and the church is true and the book of mormon is uber true. I believe it more and more with every day that passes!
I love you all so very much and i thank you for your prayers and i hope that you will continue in supplication to the lord on my behalf!
until next time!
-elder johnson

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