Tuesday, July 14, 2009

UGHHH.......!!!!! Internet Cafes...you gotta love them!

Well i have already written this email but then i lost track of the time that tells me how much time i have on my account here at the internet cafe and i ran out and it kicked me out. So i may not be as excited or as detailed this time around i am very sorry! :/
Well here's the news!
I had a lovely case of food poisoning this week! So i spent most of my week trying to work through stomach cramps and runny stomach and what not. SO that wasn't very fun. I am feeling better now though and we are preparing to go to The Royal Boma Buffet. IT's kind of a going away p-day party for elders douglas and bell who are going home from our district. So i'm excited for that!
As far as the work goes.... IT'S AWESOME!
This area is set to explode. Chantelle and Grace are doing great as usual! We committed paul to baptism, and he will have a specific date by wednesday hopefully! So we are pumped for that! We also met a black father led family in edenvale that has transport! So we will be meeting with them this week on friday! i shall tell you more next week!And hermi came to church with her sister this week! she was the rich white lady i was talking about last week! She's really cool. I know that if she earnestly reads and prays about the book of mormon she'll be baptised. That generally how it goes.... The book of mormon is so awesome like that. Moroni 10:3-5 is so true. If you do what it says you get a testimony. simple as that! :)
I'm excited for baby Tyson, uhh i mean, Spencer! hahaha
I'm pumped for another neice/nephew.... I always end up telling stories about my many neices and nephews to the people we meet who have kids and i always say "I have a niece/nephew who's about that age and she/he......." its awesome! i miss those kids! tell them all i say hello! and they need to be good for their mommy and daddy!
To answer dave's question.... First off i showed it to my companion who is from Pea Ridge, Arkansas. And he smiled and said " sounds like home" haha as far as that stuff goes over here, you run into it here and there but no one is too open about it. A lot of the whites like to throw in comments here and there but they never go as far as that. It's pretty funny. BTW... dave, does your mother praat afrikanns? Man it's a crazy language.
And yes i got the package! it was awesome! i heavily endorse something of the same nature coming soon! I would really enjoy some snacks like jerky and what not. Oh and i was wondering if i could maybe purchase some cleats for soccer? let me know i've seen some for around $30 that are quite nice.
Oh and sean is the one who i told you about a few months ago who is at large with al queda and all that stuff. I must have forgotten to tell you that he claims to be raised by wild dogs!
And Don't worry i am not a horrible slob. i could be tidier but im not too bad! i'm getting better, i swear!!! haha
Well, i'm sorry about the weak nature of this email if the computer situation wouldn't have come up it would have been WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY better! But have a good week!
I love you all so much! thanks for everything!
-elder johnson
p.s. hearing about the carrs going to the temple is sooo awesome! i can't wait to meet them someday! THE Temple is amazing! i get to go again next week on friday, i am Pumped out of my mind! Make sure you are all getting there as much as possible! Challenge yourselves to go once a week for a month and see the blessing that come from it! You may have to sacrifice but remember what the hymn "praise the man" says "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven" "True Dat, Double True!"(if any one can name the reference for this last phrase i will give them a mental five!)

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