Monday, July 20, 2009

WOW! The work is on FIRE!

SPENCER IS GONNA BE A STUD!! Especially with the mullet! Mullets are huge here by the way! so he's actually quite fashionable from an international perspective! :)
Welp everything is going awesome here! The gospel is exploding down here! Right now we have over 800 baptisms year to date. At this time last year we only had just over 500. So it's going awesome!
We now have 6 people on date for baptism! I can't remember if i've told you about frank and mary yet. but they are some immigrants from zimbabwe that we are teaching and we put them on date last thursday and then they came to church on sunday! So i'm very excited for them. when ever you can find a father led family it's a big deal! so we're very excited! As well we met with this guy named Delicate, who is from the congo! They came to church last sunday and we found out that his wife is a member and his brother and they were inactive for awhile but then they came to church so i jumped on the oppurtunity and spoke with him and his brother and we set an appointment, now we're teaching them and they've come to church two weeks in a row! It's so bomb!
That's an FEF right there.... FUTURE ETERNAL FAMILY!
Paul is doing quite well also. He will be getting baptized in early september i believe. FEF #2! haha
and lastly grace and chantelle will have their baptisms in august. We dropped the ball and didn't get them interviewed in time for this sunday! So hopefully the first or second week of august they will take the plunge! And how is the kev-bot? i haven't heard from him... i hope he's prepping for the mission already. Hopefully he'll get used to the "no mother to cook and clean for you" thing while mom is in houston!
Oh and we also met with jared and candace last night and natasha was there. So that was good. We chatted with her. i think she'll start going to young womens again and eventually back to church once Connie the Dragon(her mother) chills out. And that name was not one that i made up it's what jared, candace and natasha call her. I'm only quoting! haha
But with all that said I think our area's steady progress shall continue. OH and i forgot to tell you, Elder Leve is my new companion. He is from Nashville, Tenessee. He's pretty cool. He needs to smile though more. But if anyone can help with that i can! :)
If you don't look like you're enjoying the gospel then noone else is gonna wanna hear about it. I hope you all remember that, cause it's true. So make sure you actually SHOW people how much the gospel blesses your life by showing how much joy the gospel brought to you!!
Well have a good week! i hope all is well back in the gem state. Let me know how melissa and the baby are getting along and as well how everyone else is!
have a good week!
-elder johnson


Terry said...

Tell Elder Leve that his dad tells him to smile more. He has a beautiful smile, and you're right: the Gospel is joyous!

SarahAnne said...

Wow. Inspiring on so many levels. I can't believe the baptism rate. So incredible! We'd never know there was a place the work moves so quickly if it weren't for missionaries writing home to tell about it. Send on our love to him! :)