Saturday, February 20, 2010

I have been a little behind in posting because my computer has been on the fritz. Michael is doing SO well and is very happy to be serving the Lord on a mission. It certainly has blessed our family.
He refers to the new Elder he has been training as his "son", a mission tradition I suppose. There was a chance that he would be moved to the Durbin mission, but he wasn't and we were all very relieved. So we shall see where he ends up when the next transfers come along. That will be in about 4 weeks or so. I love reading his emails, I can just hear the enthusiasm in his words. I know he is putting his heart and soul into the work that the Lord has called him to do. I am thankful everyday for this opportunity and I know he is growing and maturing. I miss him everyday, but in a good way. He is closing in on 9 months left...hard to believe!

WELP I AM............NOT BEING TRANSFERED! I'll be in Selcourt for another 6 weeks to finish training my son! :)
But things were great this week! We had a record 9 people at church this week!
Our all-star families Norbert & Tariro and Everest & Mercy came!!
Obert and Sabina are doing a killer job of fellowshipping Norbert and Tariro. They hung out at Oberts place for like 3 hours last night!
But everything is nice. I'm enjoying the work. It's gonna be exciting as we will get to have some more baptisms in the coming month!
We're still working hard. Elder Matunya is still doing an awesome job. He's a sharp kid! And his Shona Speaking abilities help out a lot as most of our teaching pool is Zimbabweans!
So.... Who won the Super Bowl?? I haven't heard any news on that!
Kev-bot went skiing.... lucky dog. How is andrea doing?? That kid should be here any minute!
I like sydnies name the best Agnes Tulip.... yes.
Umm....what else is there to tell about?!
We've been teaching a family that was referred to us by a Girl in Kwa-Thema. She's dating a member and she just got baptized and her family stays in our area so we started teaching her! it was awesome. We've taught two very powerful lessons to them. The mom is super active in her church.... but we'll see what happens in the coming weeks! :)
But i think that's about all i got to say about the past week!!
Things are definately looking good here and I'm very excited for what the next 6 weeks hold!
Today we're having a zone p-day! so i didn't have too much time to email.... hence the briefness!
-elder johnson
p.s. MYLDSMAIL got upgraded and is now being ran off of Google Mail so the email address that this one got sent from is my new one... it's the same as the other one just drop the '84'.

well! it was a very interesting week in selcourt!
We had a lot of ditched appointments yet somehow it was a really good week!
WE had stake conference this week and Norbert and Tariro came! so that was cool. Seeings that it was at a different venue than our chapel i was happy with the 4 investigators who came! :)
We had quite the week with one of our investigators Ernest and Ruth, Ruth is fine but Ernest..... yo... that guy gave us a tough time this week. he's been on date for baptism for awhile but the past few weeks has been having a ton of doubts and problems and didn't really want to be baptized anymore.... so i was pretty stressed about it. It was the first time on my mission that i didn't know what to do for an investigator.... I was out of things to say, you can only say "read, ponder, and pray" so many times! Anyways.... WE had a breakthrough this morning. While we were waiting for some missionaries to pick us up to do email we got a call from ernest! he said "Put me on the list for baptism in march" I WAS SO PUMPED!
He was reading his scriptures and got some answers! so we're super excited about that! that was some super tender mercies! cause i was stressing!
As well Norbert and Tariro and Mercy and Everest are gonna be ready as well! Tariro and Mercy both said that they know that it's true! and norbert is getting there! Everest is in Zimbabwe right now.... so we'll check on him!
Oh man.... BEN BLACK IS HOME!! gee wiz! One of my buddies elder bohannon was best friends with one of ben's companions! Small world eh?
And i heard from marcus and chris this week! they are both doing well!
WAY TO GO SAINTS! i think i would've rooted for them as well! I like drew brees.
Well right now we only have 12 on date. We had a big cleansing of our on date people the other week. A lot of them just weren't progressing. But the one's we have right now are stellar!
Btw.... i've been thinking about a couple of things first..... regarding byu... if i'm gonna go to winter semester we're probably gonna have to apply soon so i can get on priority! I'm gonna need every chance i can get if i'm gonna get in there!
And i don't know what you guys are thinking or feeling about coming here to pick me up! but if you want to do it then do it! But arrange with the office beforehand because as i said if i leave on a flight that they haven't booked then they won't pay for it.
So thats that!
Oh and i went to the temple like 3 weeks ago and we're going again this week! that will be so sweet! I always get pumped to go! Getting the mysteries of the kingdom unfolded upon me, good stuff!
But thanks for everything! i love you all so much!
the work is great i'm loving it!
the church is true!
-elder johnson
p.s. carrie said what she meant. She probably just had some sort of muscle spasm that caused her to point at kevin... yebo.