Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Few More Emails-- First Baptism is SET!!!

Feb.23, 2009
Sawubona Johnson Clan!
Yes it is another week and i can't believe it either. It's my 3 month birthday this week, Mission is goin by way too fast! I'm 1/8 of the way done. thats weird and im not gonna mention it again....
well i just want you to all know that i am becoming more and more african every week... I enjoy eating Pap and beans as well as chakalaka with rice. Right now i am in Polokwane for zone conference! it's pretty cool over here! a little bit better then in nelspruit where it's been soooo fetchin' hot! But that's crazy to hear about the academy awards. I heard some of the results on the radio at the place where we do laundry but aside from that not too much! have you all seen heath ledgers award winning performance in Dark Night?! If not then you better fix that soon. haha
Wow i am shocked to hear about our little kev-bot just growing up so fast! The more and more i think about the more i wanna try to get into byu for summer semester after i get home! that would be so bomb. the sad thing is that kevin will be a freshman in college before i will be!

Holy cow what happened to BSU basketball last week it was awesome this week.... not so much. eh?

But things are great in south africa, our baptism is this week! Luckily we get to use the dlamini's pool! James almost didn't let us on account of the "evil spirits" that get washed into the water after baptism. Don't worry though they can be chased away by sprinkling river sand around the area! hahahaha We have been trying to explain to him that isn't true. But the traditions are deeply rooted and his wife isn't lds and freaks out about it! haha

As far as our investigators go there isn't too much news! things are very much the same! We just continue doin the hard work and the lord does the rest. so we hope that maybe we'll have some more investigators on date soon!
As far as tranfers go, we have transfer meeting two weeks from wednesday! and I am about 99% sure im staying here but elder mbhele will be taking off! so i will be having a new companion! so that will be interesting!

But i hope everything is goin well back home! I love you all so much! thanks for writing me emails (none of which are "lame") i hope to hear from you all soon!

-elder johnson

Feb.16, 2009

Hola family. hows it?

im glad to hear that chris and logan came out and visited! that's great. Im so pumped for chris he is gonna be so great, i already know it! And yes, those guys can definately still email me. I'm just gonna have kevin forward stuff to those guys. But thanks for all the music news mom and dad, it's sad to hear about the withering state of wwtsf. but it's ok, just like the gospel there must be a falling away before the restitution can take place. hahahaha It's great to hear that mark, tom, and travis (blink 182) are back in action! that will be fun to hear a couple years from now. And say anything has me pshyched out of my mind. but don't worry, im still very concentrated on the work, usually my thoughts get focused again once p-day is over!

Wow, the family sounds bonkers as usual! and that's a good thing!
The girls sound like a handful, tell them i say hello and tell them i saw mufasa,simba, and rafiki today, as well as timone and pumba.
and i heard that i will be having a new nephew soon!!! I am so excited!

well this past week has been pretty sweet, kind of uneventful, but good nonetheless! As far as news goes..... We went to Kruger again this week which means im having chinese food tonight! yay! but in more important news the zone leaders are coming to interview kanyhi this week we are going to push the baptism up a week so that she will be able to go with her dad & sister to the temple trip on the 7th of march! we are excited about that! speaking of temples i am very excited to hear about that sister from the ward, Temple work makes me soooo excited just to think about. The plan of salvation is amazing. It's funny when we teach about it i always blow myself away just thinking about while elder mbhele is teaching that i sometimes have to remember what i'm doing! haha But i am definately excited to go to the temple next month it's gonna be awesome.
But anyways, I'm thinking we should have some more baptismal commitments pretty soon, we were hoping to have some last week, although that didn't happen we are moving closer and closer! The Lukele's are progressing awesome! and the Tseles are doing well as well. The mom was in jo'burg visiting the dad on saturday but two of her sons sat and listened. It went well they understood everything and i cant wait to hear about how their prayers went this week! I just inherited a set of cups which serve as a visual aid to teaching the restoration. Elder Wilson hooked me up with them. I think i will make a video of me teaching with them in the flat and have that on the card when i send it home! i think that will be in march sometime when i send it out! I love teaching it is soo fun, i'm trying to get more and more personal with my teaching as time goes by! .....I am Elder Johnson not Elder Robot Missionary! haha......
But as i always say that with every week goes by my testimony grows stronger and stronger and i know now, more than ever that This is the lords work, this is his church on the earth today, joseph smith truly was a prophet of god and Thomas S Monson is the prophet on earth today!
Have a great week! May the lord bless you all and i can't wait to hear from you soon!

-elder johnson
p.s. Tell amy and brandon congratulations! :)

Feb. 16, 2009

Eita Bru! Hows it?
Dude things are so awesome out here you can read from my email to mom and dad about all that! I am working hard and my testimony is getting stronger and stronger each day! i love the work it's awesome. There has been no drama in my companionship so far! everything has been chill! the other guys might have a bit of contention though... hehe
Dude i love the planner. without it i would have no idea what day it is or what i would be doing!
TEACHING IS THE BOMB! i am pretty comfortable now with it! Im trying to personalize it more and more as i go. as i said in the other email i don't wanna be a robot missionary.
But ya man keep me updated on stuff back home, love ya brosef!
-elder j
(This was an email to Jeffrey!)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

One of Michael's Best Emails!

> WOOOOWWW!! i am so jealous you all got to hear from elder holland! that is
> awesome. those qoutes were awesome and definately inspired the youth
> definately need to hear those things. I'm glad to hear things are great over
> there! kevin told me about death cab! that will be awesome! it will
> definately blow your minds. Anyways things back here are grand, we are
> continuing to work hard and getting sweaty, rained on, and tired just about
> everyday! :) This week we are putting extra focus on having another
> investigator ready for baptism. I'm definately putting all my faith in the
> lord to help has have someone prepared by sunday! So that's exciting. We've
> tracted to a couple of new families in the last couple of weeks! So that's
> been great. One is a mom with two daughters, the other is a mom and a dad
> with like 3 sons! so we are definately gonna be working hard to make that
> happen. We had two days in which we had exchanges so i worked with the
> elders from kanyamazane, unfortunately my companion got to go out there and
> i stayed here. I really love going to township its sooo awesome! But while i
> was out with elder wilson(one of the kanyamazane elders) he showed me the
> magic of working with members! so we went to visit "sister v" who is one of
> the favorites of the missionaries here in nelspruit. anyways she wasn't home
> but she had a visitor who was and we got to sit down and talk with her and
> her name is bramwynn and she's a member but it pretty inactive and she was
> having a hard time. so we came at a really good time! We made her throw away
> her ciggarettes and told her to come to church. And by sunday both of those
> things happened so that was cool! the lee's came to church again as well! so
> that's 3/4 weeks! i am so pumped! Kanyhi was at church as well on sunday!
> And she is still doin great! tonight we are going over following the
> prophet, word of wisdom and law of chastity! so that should be fun,
> hopefully it will all go smoothly! But ya the work is great i'm getting more
> and more bold each week! it's really great! I am in the final month of my
> companship with elder mbhele! It's crazy how fast time is going! i can
> hardly keep track of days if it weren't for my planner i would have no idea.
> But i love love love love the work. it's great. it's progressing. and it's
> the lords!
> -elder johnson
> p.s. Btw.... i have food with curry in it almost everyday! today i am buying
> rice and some kind of meat and i'm gonna be making up some curry rice dish
> of some sort this week! it's gonna be crazy. And another thing you must add
> into your plans if you pick me up is goin to durban. supposedly it's the
> best curry you can get outside of india!
> and im so super pumped about bsu's recruiting class, i cannot wait to see it
> come into fruitition in the seasons to come!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Short and Sweet

I am hoping for some pictures from Michael, but until then enjoy his weekly emails.

hello family! for those of you who wrote me seperate emails! im sorry this one will have to suffice for this week!

how are you all?
things are great down here! we are working hard and things are goin great!

Ok lets get to business....
Our baptism is still in line, so thats good!
We have been working with a less active family the past month or so and have gotten them out to church 2 out of the last 3 weeks! we are very excited about that!
Aside from that we have a few investigators in our teaching pool. We are working our booties off trying to expand it!
One of the stupidest(sorry maddy,mia,and carrie, that was a bad word i know and i'm sorry but it's true) things elders say is that "tracting is ineffective" That phrase can be translated to "I'm too lazy to tract and i'd rather go hang out at a members home."
Tracting when it is done right always yields results! Sometimes in very small numbers but the most important thing is that you are proclaiming the gospel to the people! And as long as the message that the lord's church is on the earth once more and that we have a prophet and twelve apostles on the earth is being heard then it is in no way "ineffective"!
and here is something that dad can throw out to the members it is:
never believe that spreading the gospel and doing your own "missionary work" will be ineffective, as i said earlier as long as you are sharing your testimony of the gospel then they will feel the spirit whether they know it or not!

Anyways sorry my email was brief today! i just wanna let you all know that i love you all so much, and i am so thankful for your prayers! i definately feel them everyday! Have a great week!

Until next time,

elder johnson