Thursday, February 12, 2009

One of Michael's Best Emails!

> WOOOOWWW!! i am so jealous you all got to hear from elder holland! that is
> awesome. those qoutes were awesome and definately inspired the youth
> definately need to hear those things. I'm glad to hear things are great over
> there! kevin told me about death cab! that will be awesome! it will
> definately blow your minds. Anyways things back here are grand, we are
> continuing to work hard and getting sweaty, rained on, and tired just about
> everyday! :) This week we are putting extra focus on having another
> investigator ready for baptism. I'm definately putting all my faith in the
> lord to help has have someone prepared by sunday! So that's exciting. We've
> tracted to a couple of new families in the last couple of weeks! So that's
> been great. One is a mom with two daughters, the other is a mom and a dad
> with like 3 sons! so we are definately gonna be working hard to make that
> happen. We had two days in which we had exchanges so i worked with the
> elders from kanyamazane, unfortunately my companion got to go out there and
> i stayed here. I really love going to township its sooo awesome! But while i
> was out with elder wilson(one of the kanyamazane elders) he showed me the
> magic of working with members! so we went to visit "sister v" who is one of
> the favorites of the missionaries here in nelspruit. anyways she wasn't home
> but she had a visitor who was and we got to sit down and talk with her and
> her name is bramwynn and she's a member but it pretty inactive and she was
> having a hard time. so we came at a really good time! We made her throw away
> her ciggarettes and told her to come to church. And by sunday both of those
> things happened so that was cool! the lee's came to church again as well! so
> that's 3/4 weeks! i am so pumped! Kanyhi was at church as well on sunday!
> And she is still doin great! tonight we are going over following the
> prophet, word of wisdom and law of chastity! so that should be fun,
> hopefully it will all go smoothly! But ya the work is great i'm getting more
> and more bold each week! it's really great! I am in the final month of my
> companship with elder mbhele! It's crazy how fast time is going! i can
> hardly keep track of days if it weren't for my planner i would have no idea.
> But i love love love love the work. it's great. it's progressing. and it's
> the lords!
> -elder johnson
> p.s. Btw.... i have food with curry in it almost everyday! today i am buying
> rice and some kind of meat and i'm gonna be making up some curry rice dish
> of some sort this week! it's gonna be crazy. And another thing you must add
> into your plans if you pick me up is goin to durban. supposedly it's the
> best curry you can get outside of india!
> and im so super pumped about bsu's recruiting class, i cannot wait to see it
> come into fruitition in the seasons to come!

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