Sunday, September 27, 2009

Elder Johnson is LOVIN the Mission!

Hello family!
I'm writing you for the first time on a wednesday! The internet cafe was giving us fits the last couple of days and we couldn't email so we had to come today and give it a go! So far, so good!
DUDES it sounds like the broncos are kicking some serious booty. IT makes me happy. Hopefully that trend continues!
Just as the broncos are doing well, so are we!
We had 5 confirmations for the 5 baptisms that we had last week. So that was nice! As well we had 2 priesthood ordinations for Paul and Frank! And that was when the awesome experience for this week occurred! So... we ordained paul first. And then After we ordained paul he got an early start in excersizing his priesthood and he got to stand in on the circle when we ordained frank! It was so awesome! Those guys are gonna be awesome priesthood holders! i can already tell! I've said it before and i'll say it again now... I really hope i'll be in Gauteng when those couples get sealed so i can go!! It would be amazing.
As well Eve Continues to do well. It is so great to be in an area where the ward members will fellowship the investigators who come to church. I wasn't so lucky in nelspruit! But the relief society in Edenvale is doing a dyn-o-mite job! Everytime i would go to check to see how she was doing there was another sister in the ward speaking with her. And eve is LOVING church! haha it's great.
As well the new father led family we were teaching (joseph and Gertrude) are doing well! Gertrude came to church and i think she enjoyed it.
As far as tracting goes we asked president about it because we havent been doing it because it's been so ineffective. and he actually told us to just keep doing what we're doing in just focusing on getting the members involved with the Family Mission Plan and stuff like that. Cause that's where we've been finding success! So we are continuing the work with the members!
I AM SO PUMPED FOR THAT PACKAGE! Elder leve got his yesterday and all i could think about was how pumped i was to be getting mine! :)
AND congratulations to Sydnie on her retirement! that is so exciting!
I shall have a small celebration on that day in commemoration!
But mostly i just hope you all know and always remember how great of a blessing it is to have the gospel in our lives, I gave a talk about Prophets and the Restoration and just closed it by giving the Joseph Smith story as if i was teaching an investigator, it was awesome! everytime i tell that story the spirit repeats more and more to me that it is indeed true! :)
So just remember that!
have a great week!
I love you all so much!
-elder johnson
By the way david, you should have your mom remind me again of some of the members she knows out here in case i run into any of them!

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