Monday, September 14, 2009

FIVE Baptisms!

hello family. Greetings from Bedfodview!
We had the 5 baptisms yesterday! I personally baptized paul & siyanda!
So that was awesome! That "you know you're from south africa" thing was great and sooo true!! i just saw a strike at a store the other day and they were dancing and singing outside of the store. it was hilarious.
Well i'm not too concerned about the bears. i'm just glad that the broncos did awesome! :) And my alma mater! haha
But ya things are still rocking here. We are having an awesome time! we had a killer appointment with eve. I was on exchanges with elder cunningham a s. african from Durban. It was sweet. We dropped a total spirit bomb on her and testified hardcore. The spirit was incredible. She is just soaking it all up like a sponge! it's awesomness.
We also are finding new people to teach all the time. it's great.
The work is just moving along! it's sweet. I'm excited today we are having a zone p-day activity so it will be fun. WE're gonna play games at the church and just hang out. It's gonna be cool.
But ya back to the baptisms.... IT was soooo awesome! Paul has seriously been one of my favorite investigators it was such a priviledge to get to baptize him and he is so happy and so thankful. He is going to be so blessed as he continues to live the gospel. And siyanda is one of the most incredible turnaround stories i've ever had! I don't know if we told you this but she is like 4 months pregnant and used to be quite the party girl. But once we started teaching her she just dropped everything and has totally turned a 180 it's so awesome. She's been great to teach!
And then i've already told you delicates story! and then frank and mary are just awesome. they rock. They are the sweetest, nicest, and most humble people i've ever met. They were sooo ready for the gospel. And it was awesome to get to be part of the baptism of a husband and wife. And they are super pumped to go to the temple in a year!!! :)
SO... overall im on a super high right now. IT's radical. But now we gotta get back to work and find more peeps to keep the momentum going!
And i am so excited for matt westover! that's sweet he's going down south!! But not as south as i am!!!

Welp we gotta get going here pretty soon we need to be at the chapel in 20 minutes. So I'll talk to you all later!
oh and did my package get sent yet?? I'm uber psyched about it. I haven't had post besides a doctors bill from when i got food poisoning!
WElp have a most bodacious week! Cause i know that i will!
love you all, thanks so much for your prayers and support!

-elder johnson

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