Monday, October 12, 2009

Look Who's a District Leader!

Hello everyone,
welp i am officially in the land of Boers! But its gonna be fun. The ward is super psyched about mission work and are ready to rip it up. So i'm thinking that in the next couple of weeks we will have quite the teaching pool. We did A LOT of tracting the first few days and it yielded little results. Just like president hinckley said it would. So now we are going to harness the powers of members and spread gospel joy and baptism to all of their friends and family members!
IT's gonna be sweet.
All i said in that last email for all of you who "praat nie afrikaans nie" Was that I speak no afrikaans. And seeings that im in an area where ALOT of people do, i think i'm gonna try to learn a bit. So that will be fun.
But it is a ward here and the bishop is AWESOME! He's a returned missionary and is just super fired up about having missionaries in the ward. And i think so far we've made a good impression. IT's definately going to be great.
And here's the other news that i didn't out until the day before i got here... i'm a district leader. You know you do what you can in laying low to stay away from such things but one day it'll hunt you down and get you. And that's what it did to me. So we'll see how it all goes....
My companion is pretty radical as well. He comes from a super tough area that just got closed so he knows how to work. WE are actually supposed to get the car once a week and go down to that area and continue teaching the few investigators they had. Which brings me to the next bit of news... for my 2nd summer in a row in south africa i will be on BIKES! Huzzah!So hopefully that will make me nice and fit over the next 6 months or so....
So i think it's gonna be a hard working area but it will also be a fruitful area once we get things rolling here!
But aside from that im very excited to hear that Boise State is doing an awesome job as well as Capital. Hopefully they all keep it up.
I also got some totally rad pictures from melissa of Trev and spenc-bots.
Trevor is getting so big!!! It's crazy.... I'm not going to recognize all those kids!
It's also awesome to hear about all the support that's coming from the family. I definately am thankful for all your prayers.
The other sad news is that i still haven't gotten the package!! i'm hoping i'll have it tomorrow when the zone leaders go to the office for a meeting. I'm really looking forward to it!
BUT ALL IS WELL! i shall look forward to hearing from you all soon!
The church is true.
Keep Up Your Prayers and Studies.
keep the commandments.
And you can insert any other gospel messages that you need. here
( )

-elder johnson

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SarahAnne said...

Congrats to Michael for being made DL. Don't know if "congrats" is the right word, but hopefully he'll know what I mean. :)

His letters are such a perfect way to start the week - like a little mini devotional. Thanks for posting these, Caralee. I'm always excited to read them.