Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eleven Months? Are You Kidding Me?

well it's been a pretty intense week!
I've officially been in south africa for 11 months today. it's crazy.
In other news We've had some nice success!
Here's the statistical breakdown...
WE taught 8 father led family lessons.
We had 6 investigators at church as well as a couple of families that members invited as part of their mission work
We also had 11 new investigators!
pretty sweet eh?
My Camera Situation is pretty pathetic.... As i don't have one. I think i might just try to buy a cheap one with the birthday funds i hope to receive.... ;)
Oh and everything is awesome as far as companionship and work goes. Elder Hatch is a cool guy.
The Zone Conference was awesome!
Oh and i was also wondering if i could get a little extra money so we could go out to dinner one of these nights as a celebration for the opening of the area..... i'll only need like 10 bucks...
OH AND I GOT THE PACKAGE!! IT IS AWESOME!!!! Tell jeff thanks so much for all the talks and music. It's radical.
And yes i still have my guitar which i need to buy strings for because one broke. haha
And yes i sing all the time. Not solo too much. But we helped out the ward choir in Bedfordview once so i got to do that! :)
And i think i will be sending those pictures home very soon! So be ready for that!
My clothes are fine, the heat is ok. We actually walk alot as well. IT works awesome... as we all know from D & C The elders must not move too swiftly while souls all around are perishing. So sometimes we just walk and talk with everyone we come across. It's pretty sweet.
But ya this area has been awesome. I've been putting a lot more effort into dillegence and obedience. IT's been pretty lekker!
Oh and i'm also glad to hear about all the success in the sports world!
Welp, Unfortunately my internet was being difficult earlier and i'm about out of time. But i hope you all have a wonderful week!
i'll talk to you soon!

The Church is True!
-elder johnson

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