Monday, December 1, 2008

Elder Michael Forrest Johnson

This is about a week late. You can see by the pictures that he got everything packed, he was set apart and we got him off to South Africa! (There are other pictures I want to post and will soon.)
Monday night our Stake President came to the house and we had a very nice evening listening to his council and advice. He then set Michael apart as a missionary. Jeffrey and Laura were there, along with Jack, it was so nice to have them there with us. George and Jeff were able to stand in as Pres. Vaterlaus set Michael apart.
It was tough seeing Jeff and Michael say goodbye. They have really "bonded" these last few months and I know that it was hard on Jeffrey. But he set a great example for both of his brothers and although it is hard to have Michael gone, there is no place we would rather him be.
Chris and Logan stopped by to say goodbye, and from what Logan said, Michael was a nervous wreck. Doing silly dances, demonstrating the fan on the stovetop... just doing "Michael" things when he is nervous.
I don't think he slept much and we found him on the couch with his scriptures open next to him. He was up at 4:15 or so and then we were off to the airport.
He met up with his travelling companion, Kyle Fischer, at the airport. They got checked in and then it was time to say goodbye and make his way through security. I VOWED I would not cry, and I didn't!!! There was another typical Michael moment. He gathered his shoes and carry on bag and was starting to leave the area when the Security Officer called out, " is this your bag?"!
In true Michael fashion he had left his backpack behind and had to go back and get it. And this boy is going to SOUTH AFRICA BY HIMSELF??!!!
Well, we made our way back to the car, I was crying by then! And I have to admit that when we arrived home that both George and I lost it when we walked in the house. But all is well and we are so excited and proud of Michael.
I am posting his first two emails. We were so excited ro hear from him. He sounds good and there is already a different tone in his writing. Amazing what the spirit of missionary work does for these young men and women. Although don't be fooled...he was very concerned about his beloved Broncos and the game against Fresno!!!! I guess somethings won't change!
I am excited to use this as a journal and scrapbook for Michael's mission. I hope you will all enjoy seeing and hearing how my elder is doing!

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