Monday, December 22, 2008

One Month Down...but who's counting!

Tomorrow marks one month that Michael has been in South Africa. And he has been in his first area for one week. I am posting the first four emails he has sent. He is now serving in Nelspruit, which is about four and half hours away from Johannesburg. He said it is beautiful and HOT. The entire city is HILLS and he is in one of the last "bike" areas of the mission. He said his legs are like JELLO!!! PLEASE read his emails to learn more.
We are excited to talk with him on Christmas and look forward to hearing more about the area and his companion. Who, by the way, is an African. Michael says they are a "bi-racial spiritual wrecking crew"!!! Sounds like something he would say, huh?!
He's loving his RAMEN with eggs or grilled cheese and is loving a sauce he calls, sweet chile sauce. He says it replaces ketchup on his eggs. All in all everything is going great and he is very happy.
I love having a missionary out serving. This first "foreign" mission has been an experience. I went to send a very small, 4lb. package, with about aa $25 value. When the lady calculated the cost at $140 I skipped it and Michael totally understood. Hopefully he can go have dinner or buy himself an electric razor or something!!! He has only received one letter that I mailed 2 weeks before he even left, so that brings new meaning to "SNAIL MAIL"! But he's happy and is learning so much and I can hear a difference in him already.
I am so thankful for Michael! He is amazing. And I am very grateful to my Heavenly Father for his protection and care of my missionary.
Merry Christmas Elder Johnson! This will be a Christmas that you will never forget and will bring you greater gifts then anything under the tree.

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