Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh Boy! Oh Man! Oh Goodness! Oh Ya!

I heard the news already!! Guess who told me??? Michael F. Watson of the quorum of the seventy!
We had mission tour yesterday and when i told him i was from boise he said "I heard you guys won your big game" I was so pumped!!
Oh man. i am so happy! Mountain West Here WE COME!! haha
OH boy. oh man. oh goodness. oh ya!
Well Things are great this side. Elder Matunya is a SKOKO(stud)!!
He's doing a great job. He's really making my job easy. It's almost like having a normal missionary. All i do is try to set a good example and work hard. Then iron out a few minor things here and there!
But it was a sweet week though, Obert went out teaching with us!(he'd been a member for like 4 days) We thought he'd be nervous and not say much but when we gave him a chance to bear testimony...... IT WAS POWER! He was just saying all this stuff about how the gospel has change his life, it's changed his family, there is so much more love in the home, that they wish they could be at church every sunday and all this other stuff... and then he was like " You guys need to come to church on sunday. You should come with us. You guys need to come over to our house sometime and see what this has done in our home!"
it was awesome!
So, needless to say.... he's coming back out with us again this week.
And we met another awesome family from Malawi. It's a husband and wife. Angus and Jane. I swear if we baptize all of these people the ward is going to be all imigrants soon! haha
So all is well this side. Let me know where our beloved broncos end up in the polls. Keep me updated on all the other good stuff. keep the family rolling!
Oh and an update on my "10 1/2 months to sexy" plan. I was at 170 pounds this morning. meaning that since i began 3 weeks ago i have lost 5-8 pounds. I cant remember where i started. The plan has consisted of Exersising more and eating less. and it's worked. pretty amazing eh???
Welp i hope you all have an awesome week. Work with the missionaries in Boise, Show them the love that you hope i'm getting this side.
The Church is True!
-elder johnson

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