Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last three emails! Mother's Day talk

We ended up having to wait til late Sunday night to talk to Michael. It was actually early Monday morning for him. He had only been up for about 20 minutes when we got through. But we had a wonderful talk and he sounded so good! A little funcky accent that made me smile!!! Same old Mikey! It was SOO good to hear his voise. I have often said throughout his mission that I wished time would slow down a bit and that he could stay out a little longer just so he could keep having the experiences he is having. WELL... I have changed my mind. I am ready for the boy to come home! December 1st can't come soon enough. I want him to enjoy every minute, but I really do miss him and it will be wonderful to have him home. He is so happy, loving the work and is doing a wonderful job. He was able to actually baptize a week or so ago. TWO!!! He was pretty stoked about that. He said they work from like 10am to 8:30pm. everyday!!! I couldn't believe it was our last time to talk to him. It was HEAVENLY!!!
Enjoy the emails.
Elder Johnson-yo momma loves you.

May 10th
Wow... well it was nice talking to you all!!
Thanks for the pictures i love them!! especially kevins! he is such a stud!!
Pictures are always welcome and appreciated!
Well... I don't know if there is too much to tell about!
Here are somethings that i would like:
1. Jerky
2. Breath Mints
3.Reses Pops. if possible
4. Pictures.
5. Music,
6. Other sweet delicous american goodies! (JOLLY RANCHERS PLEASE!)
7. any other nice suprises!

-Elder Johnson

May 3rd-
EMERGENCY!!! I'm supposed to call home this week! so what im gonna try to do is to call on sunday night here, which will be sunday morning around 9 or 10. if that doesn't work then your gonna have to be troopers and i'll call monday morning here which will be around 9:30 at night over there! :/
Aside from that bit of intense news! things are good here!
we're for sure going to have 2 baptisms this week! :)
as well both me and my companion are staying here. But they are whitewashing the other elders in our flat. so we have to help out a lot with the new elders cause they are going to have no idea whats happening in their area and who is who and everything. Some missionaries have a hard time realizing they aren't in high school anymore. They don't realize that young women are now inadament objects that you say hello to and thats the end of the relationship. hence the whitewashing. bleh.
Anywho... me and elder van vurren are having a killer time! working hard and doing the work. It's been sweet.
I'm so excited for my new nephew! Luke is gonna be a stud just like his dad! (and uncles and grandpa)
Does this mean an HDTV is in the works?!? haha i tell stories about dad and the tv all the time to people here because people in the township prefer having a nice tv to a nice house and so you go into these little shacks and they have bigger tv's than we do!
Oh man i miss gandalfos!
WE haven't heard too much news from the stake yet. it sounds like the changes will be another month or so. WE got a new ward mission leader! it's a kid from Zimbabwe named stanton! he is a stud! he doesn't speak zulu or very good english! so he has a hard time communicating with anyone! but he loves the work and loves the gospel! so he's gonna be great!
Aside from that there isnt too much news to tell about!
have a good week! talk to you on SUNDAY!!
the church is true!
-elder johnson

April 26th-
Hello!! YES WE FINALLY SAW CONFERENCE! it was sweet! :)
Dieter F. Uchtdorf is now tied with jeffrey r. Holland as "my boy". Uchtdorf had some awesome talks and Holland laid down the law! LUST IS SHAMEFUL AND STEALTHY! good stuff! The minute he said " it grieveth me" i was like "oh boy here it comes!!"
It was definately a power conference!
As far as the work is going! we're going to have two people interviewed for baptism this week! So we're pumped for that! and then we're hoping for a couple of more baptisms the week of the 30th! so may should be a good month! june should be even better! And who knows....July could be intense! I went on exchanges and was stuck in the rain on bikes in super cold weather in a muddy township with a young Kenyan Elder...... it was a rough night. but we had a good time!
The pictures i'm sending you are one of me with my son in our final minutes as a companionship! The other is with samuel and tankie! WE had just a family home evening with them my 2nd week here! She is a member and were working n getting him bapped! He's draggin his feet though!
The last one is me with my sweet glasses and suspenders pretty much "the look"
and yes the guy in the picture is my companion! the two white guys!
well we just heard from the stake high council that there are gonna be some big changes in our ward in the coming weeks! pretty scary eh? So we'll see what happens!
Don't worry mom... the food is ok. It sounds sketchy but it's safe!
What else is there to tell about??
This week was pretty chill! WE're just working hard! Even on weekends! haha jk
welp have a great! week! enjoy yourselves!
-elder johnson

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SarahAnne said...

white washing....what in the world is that? Sounds funny, but maybe it's a serious deal. More great letters, and so happy you got to talk to him!