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May 31,2010
Jeffrey Got Baptised! it was awesome! (picture attached)
I'm pretty sure his favorite person from the scriptures is the apostle paul....because every time he makes any public statements in church he starts by saying "Greetings in the name of the lord jesus" it's awesome as well.
We have some awesome new families that we're teaching! We're teaching this guy Norman and his wife Jermina. Norman is friends with this dude in our ward and he was invited to church the past two weeks and then came this last week as well anyways when we had our first visit with him last week wednesday he said " I've come to church the last two weeks, so far, so good. I'll probably get baptized in a few weeks" So all we did was give him a date and now we're gonna work on having his wife ready as well! it's gonna be sweet!
We also did an acoustic guitar duet of "Lead Kindly Light" for the baptismal service and the chapel burst into applause.... At first i was taken back but then i realized....T.I.A. (this is africa) it was great!
It's been really crazy being in township the last few months and just seeing how many people can be prepared for the gospel in humble circumstances.... it's amazing.
So it's been a very great week! Oh man i'm pumped for that package! usually stuff takes 3-4 weeks to get here!
Well not too much else to say we're keeping busy and working hard! i'm loving it here!
The Church is True!
-elder johnson!

May 24,2010
Wow... i really hope that i won't be called as a bishop for a long long long while. It sounds so hectic!!! Every week i either get "It's been a long day, or i am very tired" Maybe i'll just get called as a door greeter, Ward Aerobics Instructor or 3rd counselor in the ym's presidency or some other awesome calling that we get to have in the states due to our large membership numbers! Maybe i'll be ready for it in the millenium, i'll be bishop of the Boise 1,679th ward!
Eish it sounds like the ward is changing dramatically! I'm glad Kevin loves and respects me! I knew that if i "bore with patience mine afflictions" that he would come around! he's a stud. i love that kid.
Well Jeffrey passed his baptism interview! so we'll be having another baptism this week! which will complete our may goal of 3! June we're going for 4. so hopefully we'll get there!!
Siphiwe's little sister came to church on sunday and she loved it! the young women fellowshipped like mad and it sounds like she's gonna come back next week. As well Brother & Sister Shipilane (siphiwe's parents) both say that they know that what we're teaching is true! so now comes the process of separating them from their church and bringing them into christ's! So we're definately excited for that family!
Church is still getting awesome!! right now we are functioning with only a bishop and first counselour they released the second counselor because he was effectively less active. :/
But the bishop is really putting forth his best effort and it's making a huge difference! The ward is slowly coming alive!
But i'm definately loving it here! and i'm looking forward to that package!
Keep up the good work!
Have a Baie lekker week!
-elder johnson

"When i go home i'm going to adopt 10 kids and make them work on the farm, we just really need people to work on the farm."
-elder sande
Just as the Sande family needs help on the farm so does the lord need help in building his kingdom. hopefully as members we can put forth the effort that the effort that the lord expects of us in all aspects of our membership. let us not only magnify our calling but also magnify our membership!

May 17,2010
Well....what can i tell ya???
the work continues to press forward!! Our recent convert siphiwe is killer right now and is a missionary machine! He came out teaching with us twice this week and we taught so many sweet new people! We did splits which is awesome because we can do twice as much work in the same amount of time!
Oh man, once again. the neices and nephews sound awesome!
I'm glad to hear that stake conference was powerful!
WE had a cool sacrament meeting. i was asked about 5 minutes before sacrament meeing to give a talk about the aaronic priesthood... so i a.s.d'd(as the spirit directs) a sweet talk! it was great. there were also some leaders from the stake there both of which are from Bedfordview and Edenvale wards so that was interesting! it was crazy hearing other white people give talks in sacrament meeting. I heard the first 5 syllable words that i have heard in a long long time!
But the ward here is improving so much the chapel is actually starting to look full. This is really an area where i've been feeling that we've been making a difference. most area's i just teach and baptize some people but here we're are seriously building the lord's kingdom! it's been awesome! We've set a lot of goals and have been able to achieve many of them. it's been great!
WEll i'm going to attach some pictures on this one! from last weeks baptisms!
We're hoping to have one more in the month of may on the 30th! so we're very excited about that!
I have also continued to have some amazing expereinces as i have begun reading the book of mormon again! it's been awesome! i love that book!
Well the church is true!
have a good week!
-elder johnson
p.s. here is my elder sande quote of the week! elder sande is this hilarious elder from Zimbabwe in our flat.
" I remember when i was at home and i was a loser, i was always hiding my identity. When i go home i will never be a loser again i will never hide my identity as a member of the church." -elder sande

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