Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Uncle "Monkey's" Monkeys!

Monday, August 30, 2010
alright alright alright! what a week!
WE had monkeys all over at our church on saturday! it was awesome!! i'll try to attach a picture if it doesn't take too long! Faith got confirmed. and both her and tendai are so pumped about the gospel and tendai wants to get to the temple! so we're stoked about that!
And i scored 2 goals today in soccer including the game winner which i scored on a header! it was epic!!
So i am pretty happy in other news... it's about 90 degrees today! summer is here and the girls are letting us know it. IMMODEST DRESS!! BAGOO! So i just put my blinders on and carry right on ahead.
The work is great Sister Maidah is doing awesome! she'll baptized with her daughters on Sept. 19! we're excited for that. WE found a few new father led families this week! one of them is very promising. as well i'm coming out of a kind of sleepy slump that i was in for a bit last week, but i'm starting to wake up, i swear if you have one bad night of sleep as a missionary it will haunt you for the rest of the week!
the package will be nice i'll still get it. jerky is always a winner. but you don't have to if you don't want to.
so i was just wondering if you guys want any souveneir type things i got the scarfs.... do you still want flags, african paintings, jerseys, botswana and South africa flag neck ties and what not. i just want to make sure that people will be pleased!
ya memorization is key.... we often start our sentences with quotes by Bruce, Mark E. Petersen, and especially our all time fav.... ELDER HOLLAND!
Speaking of quotes...."Amongst the general ranks of our family there is no brother/son more beloved than President Kevin Curtis Johnson, we praise him for the service he will render as an EQP."
Kevin is a stud and so is Jeff. Sometimes i get so pumped thinking about how sweet those guys are and the awesome example both of them are to me!
I'm glad mom talked to audrey, that's super. Tell her i never hear from her! i don't know what she's talking about! but nonetheless i will send her a nice little something soon.
How are jeff and laura doing? and when is the season opener for the broncos? soon i presume?
Well, i hope that everything goes well with school. I'm going to send the pictures this week but unfortunately it will cause me to cut my email short because it takes forever to send them, but i think you'll enjoy them!! :)
The church is true!
-elder johnson

Monday, August 23, 2010
WIND STORMS, CONFERENCE JUMPING?!?! things are getting out of hand back there!
I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT BSU IS NUMBER 3!! that's awesome. we still gotta do it though. :)
wow i'm glad that the young men are doing well. well i had pictures from the baptism but the computers at this place are being lame again. so i'll work on sending them next week! everything went well, faith is gonna be powerful. And once tendai gets back into the swing of things they'll be an awesome family in the ward.
The restoration Dvd is great. I've memorized the whole thing. "How will we know if we are saved" " well joseph, i don't reckon that god intends to save just some of his children but i do believe you can know where you stand" we quote them but then replace them with mission stuff. so instead it's " how will we know if we are transfered?" well elder, i don't reckon president will keep you here for more than two years but i do believe you can know where you stand. Remember what the transfer news says "pack and you will receive" "if you pack with faith president will book your flight."
sorry that was random and a lot of mission humour but i had to share. :)
But the work here is awesome. I will tell you of my most recent super spiritual moment. we're teaching a recent convert and her family her husband has been raised with traditional beliefs and doesn't believe in god. For 11 months missionaries have taught the family and had no success with getting him to pray. He loves to listen to us and everything but not to pray. But last night we had our part time missionary elder lebang who is a disabled guy in a wheelchair... but he's powerful. anyways.... as usual brother Ouyapho declined to pray as usual and chose elder lebang but elder lebang said ONLY if you close. and we say that all the time but it never works!
anyways the time came for the closing prayer we had just read in the book of mormon with the family and studies 3 nephi 11. but it was a nice lesson. Anyways this time ouyapho looked up and said that he would pray! AND IT WAS AWESOME!! he sounded like a member. At the end he was smiling and laughing and the whole family was so happy. it was so great and i was backing out the car as we left i had a manly crying moment. but oh, it was great.
We're hoping that this will be a big turning point and we'll be able to put him on date soon!
The pastor is kinda AWOL now. He's hard to work with and kinda crazy! but we had a fun time for a couple of weeks.
so this week has been awesome. don't worry i'm planning on having those Essays finished by the end of this week!
have a great week!! :)
-elder johnson

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