Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Latest from JoBurg!

Oct. 4th
WOO! BSU WINS ANOTHER ONE. and byu slips further into the great apostasy. I believe that if all the student body will grow out moustaches then they can end it. Otherwise they need to lift the ban on beards. they just need to do something. I can't go to a school that loses to utah state like that.
As far as arizona goes... that could be a fun trip! either way it's cool.
It sounds like things are busy in boise. I hope the job thing goes ok for mom! i'm sorry about the video clip. i meant to send a picture!
i will get to watch conference in a few weeks! they are postponing it now so that the wards and branches can watch it at times that will be more convenient for the congregations.
and i hope that all those investigators will get baptized! i definately wanna help out those missionaries with some member present work with those ones! People just need to get baptized.... stop waiting.... just do it. like nike.
Norman and his son are on date! and we are going to playing a little bit of catch up to get them ready for this month... norman went outta town for the week so we are gonna be teaching like crazy this week!
I'm still trying to figure out what i'll do as far as rooming goes... kev has first dibs cause he's the little bro. but it would be sweet to room with marcus and kevin.
Ya just send the package. whatever is in there will be fine! if you don't send it now i might never get it!!! haha
BTW... I KNOW WHAT 65 DAYS IS!!!! But i didn't know until then. BUSTED! Mom, you are TRUNKY! Don't sleep in and start skipping study ok? haha
Things are definately sweet here. It's getting hotter and hotter every day. By the time i leave i will be as dark as the people i teach!
the church is true!!
-elder johnson
p.s. tell jeff congrats on the job! that's very exciting! I love AZ. i will definatly be excited to go visit him down there!

Sept. 27th
WOW!! that is so sweet! well i'm glad that we won our game regardless of slip ups!
it seemed like quite the event! go bsu!
and things are pretty sweet here as well! Norman is still doing well! his son asked us again when they can be baptized... next month i say!! haha
I saw that all of my byu stuff is done! that's very exciting! i think the atm card will suffice for the last few weeks of my mission and i'll pick up my debit when i'm at home! i'm glad that jack is paying his rent! he's doing some good things. I also heard that we have some apostasy in the other side of the family and trevor is now blessing and passing the sacrament without priesthood authority. i don't know maybe they do that kinda stuff in texas. hahaha that was quite hilarious.
the work is still sweet here! i have a picture from the baptism last week that i will send!
As far as new investigators go there isn't too much exciting things happening. i went to mochudi this week. we were going to slaughter a chicken for lunch but their chicken ran away! it was pretty crazy!
I am in a car! and i only have to ride bikes if i go on exchanges! oh the blessings of being a zone leader.
and i'm glad to here that kevin did the sensible thing and supported a team that actually wins. way to go! haha
But i will definately try to come home and give dad a run for his money in biking! i just rode the other day though and i've already lost some skill!
Welp, i hope everything goes well this week! the church is true! good luck with the daily grind. i was just telling someone the other day... i don't look forward to having to multi-task work school friends, everything again. mission is nice cause you can have a one track mind on the lord adn his work. which has blessings that the other thigns don't have!
-elder johnson

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