Tuesday, January 27, 2009


wow, it sounds like everyone is falling apart! that's rough! Things are great over here. We are working hard and the work is progressing. And summer will last until march! so that will be a blast!!! .....not. Way too hot! but aside from that no complaints. The meals were coming along great until this week when i ran out of food. today for breakfast i ate what i had left which was rooibus tea and toast. i definately need to restock today at the shop! Once again let me re-emphasize my jealousy of you getting to hear elder holland speak, the general authorities are now like rockstars in my eyes. So.... im definately jealous.Sounds like fun! And i hope sydnie will go as well! That would be really great for her. But ya it will definately be a great experience!
I can't believe it's already super bowl time! that's insane. TIme is going by sooo fast. I have lost all concept of it. Usually without my planner i'll have no idea what day it is! Anyways this week is gonna be pretty normal nothing too big goin on. This week was tranfers but noone is goin anywhere so it's not too big of a deal! I still get to experience some greenie hazing here and there so that's fun. Lately i've been reading jesus the christ a bunch. It's an awesome book! Definately recommended if you haven't read it already! oh and we do eat out like once every two weeks or so! A couple weeks ago we got chinese, it was pretty good! But definately things are great here, we're working hard, you can tell by how bad i smell everyday! Hope everything goes well out there, tell everyone to get better! and if i don't start hearing from them soon they shall receive " The First Epistle of the Elders to the Dead Letter Writers" So they best be looking out for that! haha
Have a great week! The Church is True! Talk to ya laters!

-elder johnson

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