Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sawubona! Kunjanyi!

well another week has past and quite frankly i can't believe it.
Things have been awesome here!! WE HAVE AN INVESTIGATOR ON DATE FOR BAPTISM!!!! Elder Mbhele made me make the commitment and i was so nervous but all went well so Kanyhi Dlamini will be baptised in march! It's so exciting! I am really excited!
Wow, that is a crazy super bowl! Go Cards! Maybe if they win Kurt Warner will retire. It think it's wrong for senior citizens to be put through that much physical stress. haha

and btw... I am soooo jealous that you all get to hear from Elder Holland! he is the man, probably the best speaker in the quorum. That should be incredible! We watched a lot of his talks in the mtc, they are awesome!

Anyways im really glad that mia enjoyed her b-day!

And here are some answers for mom:

1.i did not get the package yet! maybe in a couple of weeks!
2.Things are good, I eat different foods now. i made some tuna helper stuff the other day that was really good!
3. We shop at a place called pick and pay! it's pretty cool! its cheaper than all the other stores here!
4. Some foods are expensive, others aren't!
5. nothing new for the new foods. i'll let you know once i go to township! :)

Anyways this things are great here. It was 41 degrees celcius the other day! when we showed up at our invesitigators house we were soooo sweaty. it seriously looked like we had just gotten out of the shower! it was bad. I felt really sorry for the family! But the work is great here and we truly have been blessed and i know that the lord is preparing the way for the people over here to recieve the gospel!
Tell andrea and ryan that i wanna hear from them and to tell the girls hi for me!
Same to dave and mel and Trevor.
And just so dave knows my body clock is so on track right now. it's not even funny.

Have a great week! and i'll try to write some letters home soon!
Talk to ya soon! And i'll try to send my picture memory card thing home as well!

-elder j

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