Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Michael has a Day with the Elephants and...

Here are some pics of Michael at Kruger Park. Isn't just "Mikey" that he is on a mission somewhere that he gets to see wild, and free animals! It is just so his personality!
I love it!!!! And I love my missionary!
sawubona family!

Wow, things sound great over there! things over here are awesome, the trip to jo'burg was great! and i had mail!! and we just went to kruger today and it was awesome! (see attatched photos!) Anyways HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I didn't know if i should send it early or send it now, i chose now. haha Anyways that's great news for the bsu alum goin all pro!! woot!
And good luck to ryan on the music decision, it's definately a tough one!
anyways things are goin alright with petros we only got to meet briefly this last week but we meet again tomorrow! On saturday night we tried to swing by to remind him about church and to drop off a book of mormon but we left it at the flat and had to bike all the way home and all the way back! unfortunately the worst rainstorm ever kicked in as we were riding and i have a picture or two of me after the storm as well as a video which you can see when i send the card home! :) Anyways when we did that it reminded me of Bruce r. Mckonkie( however you spell it) and his "missionary commision" quote where it says something to the effect of "i will do and say what he himself will do and say if he were ministering to the people to whom i've been sent" anyways point is Christ goes back for the "one sheep" and so do we as missionaries! But ya things out here are awesome! we're working hard trying to get our investigators to come out to church. they keep standing us up. but im sure we'll get 'em soon!
Anyways i would like to inform the family that we may be having a baptism here in the next couple of months! One of our members daughters is getting baptised. They are a part member family and the dad (James) and one of the sisters (khosi) are already members but we just began teaching the other daughter her name is Khanyi. And she has told her dad and several other people she will be getting baptised! so it will probably be around march when it happens! If it does happen in march then it will be the first baptism in 6 months for our area!! I'm pumped! Anyways as soon as i have a p-day when we aren't out of town i will be sure to write letters home for y'all!

anyways talk to you all very soon!

and yes i got a new camera! the pictures were taken with it! :)

elder j
p.s. sydnie, cheetah is "ingwenya"

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