Monday, March 23, 2009

Email and A Few Pictures!!

ok i must start out with an apology. I wrote a big long pretty email complete with pictures from our latest activities including: Eleophant sanctuary and Service at Kanyamazane. But... my computer froze and now i have to hurry and write a short email containing all the fun stuff we did this week!
So.... As far as the tsela's go things are great! We taught them word of wisdom and it went super smooth! lawrence had a nephi moment when he said " I WILL follow the prophets! and i was like sweet so i showed him Chapter 3:7! it was great.
We met a lady named precious who when she about 10 years ago was investigating the church and wanted to get baptised but her dad flipped and wouldn't let her! anyways she's super pumped and is very interested in learning about the gospel again!
Today we went to an elephant sanctuary it was awesome! I will try to attach a picture!
Anyways the work is going awesome! it's so sweet. As we continue to have the faith to find people the lord continues to provide them!
I hope you all have a great week i'm so sorry about the brief nature of this email! next week it will be better. I think we're doing kruger again on p-day! it should interesting!
The Church is True
-elder johnson

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SarahAnne said...

"The church is true." So simple and so true!