Monday, March 9, 2009

Email from Michael's Companion!

I am SOO excited for this post. I had the priviledge to email Michael's companion before they have their transfers. I am very sad that they will no longer serve together. I am so indebted to Elder Embele for the good training he gave Michael and the great relationship they developed. I think they really worked well together. It sounds like they may have had a few "moments", but knowing Michael I am sure he was the first to make amends and lighten the moment! So enjoy this week's emails and I am hoping we will get his camera soon so I can post some pictures! Also you just have to love the broken English and spelling!! I love you Elder Embele!!!

thank you for the email and i`m so greatful aswell that i`m the one who helped elder Johnson to start his mission he exectle the kind of missionary that i prayed to get someone who does not need to be told everything that he needs to do,elder Johnson is a great missionary and with the faith,diligent nd the love fo the work and the poeple that he has he will go far.
did he tell you how our area was when he came to it but as soon as we atarted working together things just for the better and our area is progressing every week.
and i even told him that out of all the companions that i have had he is the one that has been the easiest to get along with,even though sometimes we will get angry at each other not realy angry like when feelings will get heated at the end of the day we will be loughing and all that, and we always talk openly to each other and that does help with our relationship.
ye i will miss my son!! i mean your son,he always call me father so i thought i could call him son.

thank you again and for the qoute aswell iknow that the gespel is true heavenly father loves us.
and please send my love to all of your family

Michael's email- (hey the new comp can't be all that bad he's from OGDEN! For those who may not know that's where I was born along with all my family and most of my extended family!)

hello family!
Things sound great back home! Dad's story about that couple was awesome!
We had our temple trip this week and it was great! We did baptisms with the members in the morning and then in the afternoon the missionaries stayed and went through a session, it was awesome. i love the temple so much. It blows me away more and more everytime i think about. But things are just getting better and better here in nelspruit. Yesterday we had a very spiritual lesson with the Tsela's and Now both Lawrence and His Mom are commited for baptism in April! Thabo the brother is always gone when we teach so we gotta come and get him caught up! It's incredible what the lord has been able to accomplish through us lately. It's been very interesting how i notice that as missionaries this is not our work. it's the lords and we are just the medium that he uses to get to the people. I just hope that my next companion will be able to help carry on in the effort that we've been putting forth. Speaking of new companion we got transfer news this week and we found out that Elder Mbhele has been Transfered to Springs, he will be Zone Leader! And my new companion is Elder Septon from Ogden Utah. So it should be interesting! i'm pretty nervous to see how things go!
We are currently getting ready to go to a place called god's window! so im a little short on time! But i just want to let you all know that I love you all so much. I know that This church is true, i know that joseph smith was a prophet, i know that jesus christ is the savior of the world and the son of god, and i know this is his gospel and we are teaching it to his children! Have a great week! I love you all so much!
-elder j

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