Friday, March 20, 2009

Read Scriptures, Pray and Go to Church!

This was a great email from Elder Johnson. He has come to love the area he is serving in and most of all the people. I have included a few pictures I found on the web so we can see "God's Window". SOMEDAY he will send his camera card home and I will post his actual pictures!

hello, everyone!
Hows it?
This week has been pretty cool! I have been uber busy with transfers and all that stuff, i am now the district leader.......... Just Kidding!
Im glad you got to talk to elder mbhele he is the man! Elder Septon is pretty cool as well! He only has 3 months left on mission and is fighting the trunkiness! he's doin a good job of too. We are working hard and have done a bit more tracting in the last couple days with suprisingly positive results. our whole day on tuesday is full of appointments with people we tracted to last week. We didn't get to teach the Tsela's this week mama tsela was outta town and lawrence and thabo were gone too. But we did swing by and set up an appointment for this week so hopefully we can keep them on track for the end of april! Sad news is that i will probably be transfered before they get baptised. Rumour has it i will be gone in 6 weeks. So we'll see. If it's true i'll definately be bummed, this area has kind of become my baby. I've grown to love it. and Once it's out of my hands i'll worry alot about whats happening here! IT's funny it used to be so weird but now it's just like home. I know every part of town and what not.... it's crazy.
God's window was pretty sweet! it's a huge cliff that overlooks a valley unfortunately it was so foggy that we could'nt see anything but it was a way fun hike.
Oh and you may notice some money getting withdrawn from my home card. We needed to get the bikes serviced and my allotment card didn't have enough so i had to use the home card, so you might be getting 300 rand or something like that when i send my card and a special b-day card for our special b-day boy later this month! I'm glad my friends are still talking to mom. That's great. And i am sooo pumped for Chris being out on mission! That kid is awesome and i am so proud of him.
Onto more news from the mission field we are currently teaching some brothers named Tulani and Sphizo, they are really cool and are looking very hopeful. Right now we are working on building their testimony in the book of mormon. Everytime i teach about the book of mormon my testimony of it grows. I am constantly reminding investigators of how important it is to have that testimony of it. As they say it's the keystone of our religion. If it is true then Joseph Smith is a Prophet and the Restoration is true. Its funny when people know it's true but can't accept the other parts. Especially the whole "true church" thing. That drives me nuts! anyone have any advice on how to help people understand that better? anywho.....
The Church is true, Jesus Christ is our savior, Joseph smith is a true prophet, Thomas S Monson is the prophet today and The Lord's kingdom continues to press forward here in south africa!
Read your scriptures, and pray, and go to church, do those 3 and you wont go astray! it's true, its true, IT'S TRUE!

-elder johnson

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