Thursday, April 30, 2009

First transfer, new companion, and teaching a criminal?

Here's the latest from Elder J. He sounds great and has had quite the experiences already. This new area will be different in many ways! I am just thrilled at how good he looks and that SMILE... what can I say, he's adorable!

Hello Johnsons!
How's it?
Well... here's the news...
My area has two wards, the members are awesome, we get fed a bunch! The work is actually pretty good here. So all i have to do is just put a little bit more effort into it and make it even better! My companion elder douglas is way cool. He's from Arkansas and he played bass in a band there. He really enjoys being bold and shambucking(chastizing) our investigators and less active members... it's pretty funny. We're like a good cop/bad cop routine. I must say it's pretty effective. Wow... i am so glad to hear that you all enjoyed the death cab show... I'm jealous but i know that someday i shall see them again.
I have yet to tract since i've been here.... It's been pretty crazy. We ALWAYS have people to see. I think at the moment we have 2 people on date. and a few more that we're hopeful for! Hopefully next week i'll have even more info about our investigators and members and what not. Here is something funny though... a couple of weeks before i got here the missionaries met a guy named shaun la roux. He seemed like a normal guy. He came to church and all was well... then they visited him and found out the following:
1. He was raised by wild dogs
2.He is at large with every crime orginization in the world.
3. He personally knows osama bin laden. But osama is posing as a man named John Robinson 4. He wants to be reincarnated as a bird 5. He can communicate with animals quite well.
Any ways.... i had to oppurtunity to teach him...twice. and he is indeed nutsers. So... we are planning to distance ourselves slowly but surely. haha But all is well here sorry about the email problems last week, i let my mail box get way too full. But i'm clearing it out bit by bit each p-day. As far as calling goes... we're thinking to call on sunday around what will be 8 or 9 in the morning on mothers day for you guys.... i hope that will work ok?
Anyways... i hope you know that the church is true..... in south africa too.
The gospel is such a great blessing to have in our lives. So make sure you are trying to help others receive those blessings as well by sharing it with them!! The youth are wise... listen to them. It's "like" the best!
-elder johnson
p.s. here is a picture of me with the tsela's!

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SarahAnne said...

Great letter! That guy sounds very scary...probably a good idea for them to cut their associations. I love the picture, too. You can just tell his is so happy and so fulfilled by the work he's doing. (((HUGS))) to Elder J!