Monday, April 6, 2009

What a Sense of Humor? The Dome, Diapers, Puke Boy???

Hello family!
hows it?
well this week was awesome... General conference was the bomb-diggity yo. My fav's were.... Holland, Eyring, and Uchtdorf. Holland blew me away. He's probably my favorite apostle. he has been since the mtc when i heard him say..." We aren't the church that runs down to the end of a football field shouting im saved!!"
but ya, awesome general conference. I haven't seen Priesthood or Sunday Night yet though. So i guess there is still more to be seen!
We had a bunch of investigators come watch a session! Lawrence and Thabo came and brought their friend George. He's actually very interested in the gospel. So i hope that we can start teaching him and his family. as well jennifer came and Carolaine. So that was exciting. The lee's havent been coming to church lately so i'm getting worried....
but it's ok we'll work it out!
Umm... let's see what else is news from the area.... We have zone conference this week which is exciting! So we'll leave early tomorrow and stop by god's window on the way. Hopefully this time i'll be able to get some decent pictures!
But how are things with the fam back home? How is rugby for kev-bot? Is there a countdown for Death Cab Yet? I'm jealous, i can't wait to hear about it! And i loved the pictures! Those kids are growing up so fast! Are all of them out of diapers yet? I know that jack might beat kevin but it's ok we all love kevin anyways. HAHAHA just kidding.
And i just realized how much i miss the light that shines off the top of George's Dome. It's awesome. sorry im just in a joking mood today!
Umm.... i think i'll send you all some kruger pics next week! I have some pretty cool one's of Baboons and maybe lions if you're lucky.
But ya... i'm getting more and more nervous with transfers approaching! I wanna make sure that this area is in AWESOME shape in case i do have to go. I'm gonna be an emotional wreck. haha
It's funny how much this town has grown on me... at first i was just dying to get out, go to township and never tract again. but now it's awesome.... i love it! This area has so much potential as long as the missionaries work hard and the branch will fellowship like true christians! That is the key to success for Retention.
Lately i've been only eating pbj's and squillo's! But now that we are getting back to a somewhat normal p-day schedule i may have time to get real food! I'm excited!
But i hope you all have a great week! i can't wait to hear from you all soon!

-elder johnson
P.S. Oh and tell sydnie i do indeed remember puke boy! and that she is the cat's pajamas, the bee's knees and and what what!

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