Monday, April 20, 2009

Two Emails~ Melissa is the MVFM...for now!

Guess who won Most Valuable Family Member??
That would be melissa jones.
For some reason i didn't get the email from mom and dad... and the
rest of the fam... but if you could forward this email to them and as
well have them resend their other one, that would be great.
Anyways... This saturday i got the news that i will be transfered to
Edenvale. Which is in the Jo'Burg area. So that's gonna be
interesting! I guess it's a pretty rich area. I'm gonna have a lot of
fun. anyways.... i am leaving the area with 4 people on date! We put
Precious on date last on tuesday night! So hopefully the nelspruit
branch will grow by 4 on may 24, 2009. Anyways I'm totally freaking
out though. The next elder better be good and ready to work hard.
cause if any of those fall through i am gonna throw a fit. But i am
excited for the challenge of a new area. I guess the area im goin to
is right by this place called Bruma. Which is this huge place full of
Curios Shops... which is where you buy all the traditional african art
stuff and what not! so that's exciting! There are also two wards
there. So i'm going from an area with barely one branch to one with 2
wards! i am so pumped!
I'm kinda scared though cause the way things are working out it's
looking like a situation where i might train in 3 months.... that
could be scary. But awesome at the same time. So there are gonna be
lots of crazy stuff happening in the next little while!
Next week i'll be sure to send you all the pictures of me with some of
my investigators as well as some of the members down here!
Anyways... as far as you are all concerned.... make sure you're doing
member missionary work.
We had this sister complain about not being able to feed the
missionaries and about how they are missing out on blessings because
of it. And i just said Don't worry about feeding us with food, just
feed us refferals. Cause noone does member missionary work here. So i
want you to all to always be doing all you can to spread the gospel
and give the elders help in teaching the people. If you help them then
the work is much more effective. so just remember that and maybe set a
goal to have someone you know be taught by the missionaries by the end
of the month, summer, year.... whatever you think you can do!
Well i hope you all have a great week! i look forward to hearing from
you all in my new area on monday!!
-elder j

Eita hola.
How's it family?
Well i'm glad to hear that your easter went well! Mine was pretty fun... We had fast sunday so that was awesome.... ha. But church was great. fasting can be tough but it definately helps you be more in tune with the spirit. It's pretty cool. But I taught sunday school and Combined Priesthood/relief society... my lesson was about lengthening our stride. I separated it into 3 sections.... first Personal, 2nd Family, 3rd Member missionary work.
It was great, i'll use it again sometime when i get home!
That was great to hear about kevin's Rugby game.... I wish i could see mom on the sidelines watching.... but ya rugby is huge hear. Everyone loves it, i do too. I watch whenever i am in restaraunts or at investigators. For souvineers for the family i'm considering getting some of you rugby jerseys and some of you soccer jersey's. The soccer jerseys are sweet. KAiser Cheifs are my favorite but that will change depending on if i go to an area that has a soccer team! haha
But the work is great here! Lawrence, Thabo and George all came to church again! George says he wants to get baptized! so that's pretty sweet. We get to start teaching precious again this week, i'm excited i think she's starting to realize that the church is true and what that means to her! hopefully she'll be on date soon.
Oh and testimony meeting was awesome last week! Kanyhi went up and bore her testimony it was awesome! i was so proud. and this elderly black sister named Elizabeth went up and bore her testimony it was so sweet. After testimony meeting lawrence said " I could feel the spirit" I was so happy about that.
And as far as mission news goes.... I am so excited for benson and especially for kevin!! He's coming to the best place on earth (besides boise)! The church is huge in ghana too! They even have a temple in Accra. So he should be pumped!
Oh we went caving today! it was sweet! It's a place called sudwala....
here's a website with pictures of it...
We took the extended tour deep into the caves! it was crazy. Hopefully it will be the last of our very expensive p-day activities! i gotta stop spending so much! eish!

Well i hope everything continues to go well back home.
Remember The Church is True!
-Elder Johnson
P.S. Can someone get me Matt Featherstone's email address... I want to write a email that he can read to the seminary students. I wanna encourage those kids to get out on missions!!!!

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