Tuesday, June 9, 2009

He Makes it Sound Like He's a Doughboy!

hello family,
how's the week?
Well.... george, i guess i should have been more specific, but yes you did quite well. Kevin however did not answer but i shall give him extra credit for teaching the classes.
Anywho.... This week was awesome!! Natasha is going to be baptized in july! and graham probably will be as well! and hopefully grace will as well! So things are awesome! we teach alot of people these days and are staying super busy, i like it, i like it A LOT. Anyways last night we went to a member family's house for dinner named the Spies's, they feed us almost every week... anyways... pieter looks like He-Man. It's awesome he is the elders quorum president and he has long flowing blonde hair and whenever people tell him to cut it he say "oh you're just jealous" and then shakes his long platinum mane to show off it's glory. But anyways it's hilarious he has named his son Jean-Claude after guess who.... Jean-Claude Van Dam!! it's pretty funny. The members in south africa are the coolest/funniest people ever!
On to other news.... I am proud to announce that after reaching the incredible weight of 81 Kg's which is roughly 180 pounds i have been on a strict diet of Bran-Flakes, Yoghurt and Granoala. I will be weighing in this week when i go to see one of widow's in the ward who has a scale, it should be epic.
But as far as the work goes... it's been awesome! I can't really explain it aside from that. There are just people who are literally falling into our laps. it's insane! The lord is blessing us (and them) BIG TIME!
ANd i will be sending you some pictures this week for sure! As i said earlier i don't have very many from my current area so i might send you some from nelspruit! And i am indeed keeping warm! My sweater has been awesome thus far and i bought a kaiser cheifs beanie to keep me warm. they are a local soccer team. Oh and do kev, jeff, and ryan want soccer and rugby jerseys when i get home? that's what im thinking of doing! if so i'm gonna start balancing my funds now so i can do it! Kev will probably want a rugby jersey. but ya i hope all stays well back in b-town. I hope to hear from y'all soon!
The Church is True!
-elder johnson

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SarahAnne said...

Funny! 180 pounds....that's just funny. I can't believe how it seems like the people are looking for the missionaries, not the other way around. What a wonderful place and what wonderful, prepared people! He's right - they are all truly blessed!