Monday, June 1, 2009

An Outstanding Email from Elder J

family of mine, how are you all?

Well the good news is that they didn't split the area! so i won't train and will be killing elder douglas!
The Other good news is that things are awesome here!
We have a new investigator who we put on date on the first lesson! We're pumped!
IT's this girl named grace, her parents and sister were all baptized a week or so ago and we got a referral for her from the missionaries that serve in that area and she's cool and very interested!
We also talked to Candice and she said that Natasha wants to join the church! they just have to talk to their mom about it!
As well Kim's (recent convert) little brother graham is a powder keg of gospel knowledge and is super pumped about getting baptised and receiving the aaronic priesthood!
To answer your question mom... no i have yet to baptise or confirm. We are encouraged to have members of the ward do it. So we let them!
Thanks for all the hugs and kisses mom! they are great. they make me feel loved! :) haha
Dad i loved what you said about the pastor... it's true all other church's get pretty darn close...but they are all missing a few pieces. And one of those pieces in all of them is... THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST. Without the priesthood, there is no g.o.t.h.g.(acronym) and they definately don't have the priesthood. We love explaining how priesthood authority doesn't fall from the sky or come to you by reading the bible a bunch. It comes just the way the bible says it does. (Hebrews 5:4)
Anyways... starting tomorrow me and elder douglas are seriously gonna start getting into good shape again! We have to now since he's going home soon. haha I've got an awesome belly right now. but i shall overcome!
Anyways... one more story from this week as we were taking the sacrament this week at church... i was thinking about the atonement and it scared me... the magnitude of it is beyond any comprehension... but is our commitment and love to the savior beyond any comprehension?? As i thought i came up with this.... Our love and commitment will never match the love and commitment that the saviour shows for us but.... that's what makes atonement so great... ALL HE WANTS IS OUR BEST! He doesn't ask for perfection or for us to match him in any way. he just wants our best, so i just thought about how i should be always be giving my best if for nothing else then solely the atonement!
I hope that you all have a great week! Thank you for your prayers and support!
And tell sydnie that I hope she heals well and that i miss her and will take her out to the movies in december 2010! But only if she gets better soon! :) haha
-elder johnson
p.s. i have begun giving kevin gospel quiz questions every email to turn him into a "gospel doctrine machine" and so i guess i will share this question with the family to answer.....
Who are the seven gospel dispensation heads?? (in order, please)

Good Luck, Have fun... as well you can quiz me if you like! :)
SOrry i forgot to bring my camera again... i still need to get the pictures from the baptism the other week!

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