Tuesday, June 23, 2009

News from "Jobi"

Hello everyone!
Hows the day?
Well.... this week was great! we had 2 investigators at church in edenvale which was some kind of record and we had 5 in Bedfordview!
It's pretty exciting! Paul & Michelle actually came this time! that was rad! So things are going quite well! we are working hard on getting the "talk about program" rolling in our area and we are excited for the results!
As far as the guitar goes i am not abusing it! haha I only play on p-day and when i have time at night before bed! And right now i am learning If you could hie to kolob( i pretty much got it down) and I'm going to learn Come thou fount! It's pretty rad. I got ahold of this folk cd that has church songs on it. It's the best ever.
Umm... what else can i tell you about?
Grace is still doing great! She is on date for the 26th of july i don't know if i told you all yet!
Graham is doing awesome as well... we're going to wait for his baptism date he's still a young kid and we need to make sure that he's doing it for the right reasons and what not!
As far the diet stuff is going... i am doing quite well! we are trying a very interesting eating routine today and tomorrow and i will let you all know how it goes next week.
Oh and today we are going to a reptile park that a guy in the ward owns...it should be awesome! So i'll actually have some cool pictures for you all next week!
As far as township goes i only go once a week there are missionaries that work there and we just go and help out once a week. THey have a branch in Alex and it's exploding. it's pretty sweet. If you go to township you baptize a ton!
But i still like being in town just fine!
Tell jeff that i miss him. that he needs to drop me a line. haha
'Til we E-mail again have a great week.
Elder Johnson
p.s. tell kevin he makes a horrible urban cowboy!
he is a stud muffin.

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