Sunday, December 6, 2009

Elder Johnson is Working Hard!

But he must shave. As i'm afraid it may become the residence of different birds and small rodents... and it makes me feel less masculine. But as i told kevin, i plan on using my hormones to keep the hair on my head not to grow it all out on my face. haha
But that's awesome news about the eags and broncs! I'm pumped to hear about it all in the future!
Welp... i got a sweet camera! and i have some pictures for you guys!!
One is of me with my Birthday Breakfast, the other is when we made missionary coffee! You'll understand when you see it! :)
But this week has been pretty interesting. We had transfer news on Saturday and not much will change except one of zone leaders is leaving and Our zone is being combined with another one to form an uber zone.
I'm glad to hear mom is doing better that's awesome!
As far as christmas goes... I'm totally ok just receiving funds... a package would be awesome though! Whatever you want to do is fine!
Hook me up with something much the same as the last one. Minus shoe laces toothbrushes and razors. And more snacks. Lots of jerky! I killed it off in like a week! And no i didn't get a stocking...i don't think.
The fireside went awesome. I am such a strong believer in doing those things! The members get so pumped. We had a bunch of people, set appointments with us to go teach people or to give them book of mormons to give to their friends and what not. It's awesome! The Ward really goes all out here. We had more people at this fireside then we did at the one in Bedfordview and edenvale. And this one was for one ward and the other was for two! So it was great. The members are doin an awesome job of supporting us!
Church was great Obert and Sabina Came again! they walk for like 5 k's to get there! It's awesome. They rock. We're gonna try to get them a ride next week!
As far as the rest of our investigators go... we have this guy named themba who wants to get baptized, we hardly had to ask him when he was like " ya i want to be baptized!" So that's pretty awesome!
Well my first week of being twenty was pretty.... regular!
Aside from all that there isn't too much to tell about!
Thanks for the advice about being bold and confident. it's definately something i'll be working on!!
The Work & the Gospel is awesome. It's True. I love it.
Have fun with mel and the boys, tell them i say hello!
I love you all so much, thanks for your support and prayers! Keep em' Coming! :)
-elder johnson

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