Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Ladies Give the Missionaries GRIEF!!!

Fiesta Bowl 2!! WOOT WOOT!
Geez, can this family ever be healthy???
Are you sure you're all keeping the word of wisdom? haha Welp i hope you enjoy the pictures i send in this email. One is of a baptism of a kid in our ward that we got to help out with, the others are of my one year celebration! :) And i too am thankful for the awesome members down here! this area has been awesome. the members are sweet!! And i can't believe that jeff is already graduating!! He's an old man. geepers. As far as money goes for the account just throw in about 60-70 bucks. if my calculations are right that should cover 4 jerseys.
Jo man. it's been a good week though. Obert And Sabina Are still doing well! We had some good lessons! they are good with 2 of the 3 headed dragon commandments. We will teach tithing to them tonight or tomorrow. If that goes well then they'll be ready for baptism!!
As well we had our first member referral this week! it was awesome.
We were walking down the street and as usual the ladies was waving and giving us grief. And i was like "nuh-uh i don't think so" So i gave them a super cheezy wave cause i was getting weary of it! anyways the car goes around the circle and comes back and i was like "oh great" but then the window rolled down and it was a member from our ward and she was like "hey when do you teach discussions?" And i said "uhhh... anytime!" and she said "well my friend here wants to join the church" So we taught her the next day in the members home. Textbook. Awesome. And then she came to church! So that was rad.
And i have had to do like 5 baptism interviews this week for the zone leaders! it's been hectic! But fun.
But ya... that's been about all this week. We've had some crazy thunder storms. But that's what happens every summer. We have them almost every evening!
But i hope you all have a great week! keep it rolling! Stay well!
-elder johnson

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