Friday, July 16, 2010

4 1/2 Months to Sexy Plan- is that Mission Approved?

So the great debate amongst the family now is how long it will take Michael to find his "eternal companion", as he likes to put it. Some think it will take him 2 years, others think it will be within 2 years. All I ask is that it is NOT 2 weeks!!!! It is hard to believe that we are even at the point of talking about these sort of things. By the time school starts and BSU has played their first game, I will be able to say he has only 90 days!! That is incredible! I love hearing about his progress with investigators and the experiences he is having. I LOVE having a missionary out, as it blesses our family so very much. But I have to admit that I am getting very excited to welcome him home.
He will have plenty of new adventures awaiting him and I know the Lord is pleased with the efforts he has put forth to serve in the Kingdom and that he will undoubtly RETURN WITH HONOR!
I honestly think he may have a future in developing a new "weight loss program"! Maybe his will be the new Weight Watchers.
I guess we will have to "weight" and see!!!

July 12,2010

CURRENT SITUATION: Mission Gut, Improving facial hair, overall physically unfit.

IMPERATIVES (what needs to happen):
1.Lose my awesome man belly. And become a total hunk of a stud.
2. start to look good and be able to grow some awesome stubble upon my face.

3.get good at soccer!
1. Play Soccer at least twice a week
2. Breakfast= eat like a king
3.Lunch=eat like a prince
4.Dinner = eat like a slave
5. Ride bikes a lot!
6. Shave everyday (I pretty much have to now)


It's all about planning and then executing.... executing is the key. I only played soccer once last week and I ate way too much kota! So I’m getting back on track. Of course the plan can be adjusted to whatever the desired results... mom may not want a beard. haha
But silliness aside, THIS WEEK IS GONNA BE HECTIC! We were informed by the bishopric that we need to move all of our baptism for the 25th up to the 18th of July…. So we have to get all of the people interviewed this week! So we’re going to be scrambling getting all of them ready! We’re hoping for 4 baptisms! So it will be a great day! As well we had an amazing lesson with siphiwe’s family! BABA WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED AND MAMA WILL as well! It was awesome Jackie just told everyone in the house to stop what they were doing and then he talked about how he knows his children have made the right choice. That there is no other church like this one on earth, it was awesome! We are both so pumped so they’ll hopefully be getting baptized in august!
Nomsa passed her interview on Friday! So that was great! She reminds me so much of Siyanda, the girl that we taught last year in bedfordview who got baptized. She’s just been a super humble person who is ready for the blessings of repentance and baptism.
As well I did the package I just forgot to tell you! It’s been awesome. The jolly ranchers are sweet. And most of all….. RESES PUFFS!
As far as transfers go…. I think I might be getting transferred soon… the next one is two weeks from Wednesday. We’ll see I’m definitely going to miss hospital view. It’s been great!
Oh the other awesome thing that happened was that we went to the temple for baptisms! It was great we went with our recent converts! I have pictures I’ll send them next time!!
As far as post mission plans go it will happen as follows: 1. Go to School… I’m starting to like the idea of studying a bit of IT and then getting a business degree as well…. You can’t go wrong with business and technology! 2. MAKE MUSIC. 3. Begin the Wife Hunt.
That’s kind of all I got. Right now.
But life is good here! The work is moving forward we ahd another great week I think we had 12 investigators at church! Which is sweet.
I’m glad to hear that the ward is having sweet activities! WE need to have more here in our ward in h.view!
Well that’s all for this week folks!!
The church is true!
-elder johnson

July 5, 2010
Wow it sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun over there!!
As far as The SLC temple goes... i'm up for it! I want to see a live session because it is true that's how it has been done from the beginning before they had fancy projectors and screens. that would be legit!
It's always sweet to see pictures of the family! you guys all look awesome!
I'll be sending some pictures this week i believe! so be ready for that!! :)
My 4 1/2 months to sexy plan is working out marvelously. Unfortunately though it causes extra attention from the township girls.... BA GOO! Luckily though, it's not a temptation just a little annoying. haha
If you stay focused on the work and your purpose those type of things don't give you too much trouble. That's something that every future missionary needs to know....KEVIN! haha
as our dear leader of the past Ezra T. Benson said "THE SECRET OF MISSIONARY WORK is.... WORK!" I'll quote the whole thing for you another time!!
Luckily i was able to get the office to refund me!! it was nice.
As far as Soccer stuff goes world cup is almost over and all the memorabilia is on the streets! so i'll be able to score some scarves and jerseys and flags easily! just remind me who wants what!!
The work is awesome.... Nomsa is getting baptized in a couple of weeks! Angie (siphiwe's sister) is getting baptized on the 25th! And she bore her testimony in sacrament meeting Siphiwe burst into tears. he was so happy. That family is going to be great in the gospel... now we got the kids so it's time for the parents!!!
I'm kind of excited for world cup to be over... it's been alot of fun catching bits and pieces of games and the atmosphere but it's a big distraction for my companion so once it goes things should be a bit better!
but this area is getting better and better all the time.... If there is one thing that i have to be proud of on my mission it's that i've generally left area's better that i found them. I could care less about leadership or anything thing else if the work is happening!
The scariest thing that happened this week was at Zone Conference when president poulsen asked me in our interview " so elder what are your plans for after mission??" That made me realize that i am an OLD OLD MISSIONARY MAN! my whole mission i've said " I've got 20 months to think about that.... I've got a year..... i've got 8 months.... but now.... yikes!!
Just keep working. It's funny every missionary goes into denial of his trunkiness and then over compensates for it.... i'm kinda doing it a bit now.... i just talk about work work work work all the time. if i work then i keep trunkiness at bay! haha
well that's about all for this week! THE CHURCH IS TRUE! have a great WARM july week!
-elder johnson

June 28, 2010
Ya my illness was just a little bit of bronchitis type stuff! but i'm doing much better my only concern is that i had to spend 160 rand on medication! i don't know if the mission can refund me or not, so if not a bit of money would be nice! But aside from that everything is great!
Charmaine got baptized!! once again i got to baptize! But i'm pretty sure this will be my last one i do personally. As far as the work goes Our new stellar investigator Nomsa came to church yesterday! and her brother sifiso came as well! we actually had 13 at church which is pretty great! Siphiwe's whole family came it sounds like his sister wants to be baptized next month so that will be exciting! from there we just need to center the work on his parents. they're pretty tough.
World cup is still crazy! i've got the fever! and i'm not talking about jungle fever. We've played so much soccer lately! i love it!
As far as our investigators go.... we a lot of people on date now! But we still need to get them in the water! It's crazy every time we teach nomsa we give her a commitment with a promise and it's crazy how whenever she keeps the commitment the promise comes true. haha
We told her to pray about being baptized, we came back to teach her and she said " When i prayed i felt that feeling... i can't explain it but i knew it was the right thing, i didn't know if i was supposed to keep praying or if i should stop..."
it was great! So she's totally pumped about everything! charmaine's baptism has also been great because her mother lungile has been a bit less active in the past but since we started teaching lungile has been much more excited about church and she was definatley touched at the baptism! she said it reminded her of her own! So that's been great to see the gospel blessing their family! Charmaine was so excited and happy to be baptized, it was super.
But it's great to hear that the girls are still a handful! I'm glad to hear they still talk about me.
How is the ward doing are we still rolling along? How are the youth doing? OH and how is trevor fike doing?? If you can find a way for me to get into contact with him i'd be very pleased!
but have a great week!

the church is true!!
-elder johnson

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