Monday, July 26, 2010

Last Transfer to... WHERE???!!!!

In true Mikey style he writes to tell us he is being transferred BUT doesn't tell us where!
I can tell he is very excited not to have to ride a bike anymore and that being Zone Leader wasn't necessarily in his plans, but he will do a great job at whatever he is asked to do. That is just how he works. It is hard to believe that we are down to his last area and that his next transfer will be HOME!!! George and I are both trying not to be too "TRUNKY" but it is very exciting. We have loved seeing the growth that has taken place in Michael and are eternally grateful for the protection and safety that he has been blessed with. BUT it is time for that boy to come home!! Four months...I can do this! The closer it gets the more "out of my body" I will be, so I will do my best to contain myself...for now!
Thank goodness for football season! It will be a great distraction and help. Can I just say... GO BRONCOS! I hope they give Michael the opportunity to see them play in the post season. I know they will.
So now we wait. Hopefully it will occur to him to let us know where he is and I know that wherever that is they are in for a ride. Elder Michael F. Johnson will take that place by storm!
(Just ran across a site for his mission and found quite a few pictures of him. I will randomly choose a few over the next few weeks OR put them in a slideshow. I think he is playing the guitar a man gave him, while visiting him in a rest home. I believe he still has the guitar and will be able to bring it home!)

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