Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Elder Johnson givin some TOUGH LOVE

This is possibly Michael's last week in his current area. Hard to believe that this could be his LAST transfer. I wonder where he will end up?!
Great email and amazing that he is baptizing so wildly!! One thing for sure, he LOVES the work, and LOVES the people.

Monday, July 19, 2010
YEBO WE HAD 4 BAPTISMS!! Not all the ones that we expected! The shipilanes had to go to a funeral so angie couldn't be baptized but Nomsa, Nkululeko, Lehlogonolo, and Thandiwe! now.... thandiwe is an interesting case... we almost dropped her two weeks ago because she was being very difficult and just didn't seem interested, we'd been teaching her for like 3 months and we seemed to be stalling. So a couple of weeks ago i just said.... " we'll schedule another appointment with you when you come to church. and as well let us know when you want to be baptized" to which she responded " well i won't be coming to church" then i said "k then i guess we'll miss you next week then" Anyways.... she came to church two weeks in a row and last week on tuesday said she wanted to be baptized on sunday! i was skeptikal but when i asked her about keeping the commandments she said she was. So she was interviewed the next day and passed and was baptized yesterday! so that was a pleasant suprise. I was always super hard on her but she needed it. and it worked!! :)
And the water heater is still broken in the chapel so the baptisms were freezing!! The ladies both screamed!
But it was an awesome day! i was so happy! if these are gonna be my last baptisms then I'll be proud and happy about it!
We get transfer news on saturday! so i'll let you know what's happening on monday!!
As far as school goes BSU and BYU are the tops.... but if i have to do night classes or weird stuff like that i'm ok with just accepting my fate as a bronco. haha
But mission life is legit! we've had to walk so much lately.... it's ridiculous the brakes are broken on the bikes and it hasn't been too ayoba!
Well hopefully you guys enjoy the pictures! have a great week!
the church is true!
-elder johnson
p.s. we're going to the temple this week! i'm pumped!

He titled his pictures "PAIN" and "SMILE"- fitting. And oh so adorable!

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