Sunday, November 21, 2010

Down to 2 more Emails

Today marks the 2nd to last Sunday that we will be needing to send emails to our missionary. At least for 6 more months!!! Kevin is hoping to have his papers in the weekend Michael comes home. He will put his availability date as April 30th! His call could come while he is home for Christmas break! CrAzY!!! But for now we are down to 11 days and 50 or so minutes til Michael comes home.

Monday, November 15, 2010

gee wizz. that was lots of birthday happiness. THANKS.
Ya Pres. and Sister Morgan are the senior couple in Gabs i see them almost everyday! they're sweet.
Well this week we had 11 at church! and a totally awesome solid new investigator named Sylvester! he brought his whole family to church! so that boosted our numbers! he's getting baptized in December.... so i miss it. but it's ok. WE had a crazy week! We drove to Mochudi to help the missionaries up there move flats and on the way up our Truck died! so we were stuck there all day that's why i didn't email until monday. but because of that the other missionaries who use the truck are dependant on us for lifts, one of them is Elder Hatch my former companion and his son Elder Bangerter. So it's been pretty fun. so the work is suffering a bit in our area because of it but it's keeping their area alive. and as ZONE leaders the Zone is our area so we have to sacrifice a bit!
Yes i got my package it was lekker!
The new companionship is great. except that it's almost over. elder rod is just a super chill awesome guy.
as far as school goes.... I like choir and the other classes i'm not sure about theatre though.... but i'll take a look at whats available and figure somethign out!!
Ugh.. the leadership council and zone conference were hectic. we had to make 2 30-45 minute workshops. 1 for each meeting. then book the chapel, book the food, provide the missionaries coming in from far away a place to stay. and just crazy stuff that ensues.
The job sounds sweet! I'll TAKE IT!
Well to be honest about my feelings about what lies ahead.... I'm scared... a little. I'll miss africa a bunch. But it's definately a new chapter that i'm looking forward to! There is a season for all things. I don't know if i will remember how to be sociable with women or if i'll be able to hug anyone. and i'll only listen to motab and watch BYU TV and the sabbath will start on saturday at sundown. and.... HAHA jk
and the college football world is in chaos. what else is new? gotta love the BCS.
I would love to teach the priests quorum i will whip them into shape!! even little tychster!
well the church is true! i'm loving these last few weeks! i'll definately keep up the pace!
-elder johnson

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