Friday, November 26, 2010

Getting Down to the End!

I won't hold him to crying but with a little "JEFFREY" magic, the "little boys" will get to go to the last BSU game!Can't wait for that!

Monday, November 22, 2010
if i get to go to that game I will cry. i will be so happy. PLEASE IF YOU CAN WORK SOMETHING OUT!
Yes i will do a musical number.... i actually have arranged quite the version of o holy night.... but either way it's fine.
Well this week was crazy!! we had stake conference. but it was just a broadcast from SLC and Elder Oaks gave a talk and just went off about unrighteous traditional practices such as Lebola and others. IT WAS SWEET! and then sister ann m. dibb spoke and gave a nice talk and then Boyd k. Packer spoke. it was super. they even enjoyed elder packers talk even though he isn't quite as vibrant these days. then later on in the day we went to an investigators house and he was watching T.B. Joshua on the tv. he's a crazy nigerian pastor who commiting priestcraft to the highest extent possible. And it was pretty funny. He sent out "wise men" do go into the crowd and "pray for people" he would touch their heads with his hands and some would just sit down other's would flail around. then the man asked me "is this magic?" hoping for me to say "Oh no this is a man of god" but i was just like. "No, it just looks like their sitting down." he wasn't too enthused with my answer eventually we got him to turn it off so we could share a message. the whole point of this story is to point out how blessed we are not to be going to a crazy Nigerian money making prosperity church.
But aside from that the week was great! i'm looking forward to a great final week of missionary work! seeings that next week will be P-day(packing day) on monday and then driving to joburg on tuesday and then leaving on wednesday! so we're just gonna work super hard and make it happen! I don't know if i ever told you about our investigator Sibahle?? well she's getting baptized this sunday! so i'll get to have one last hurrah my last sunday! and then in december they will get to clean up the rest of the ones we have on date! But i'll tell you some sweet stories about her and other sweet investigators next week!
By the way, the orange jerseys for BSU ARE AWESOME! that's what i think anyways. i still can't figure out why you wouldn't want to be putting up decorations next week on thursday evening?? haha
ok well i guess we can just have a chat about my classes when i get back!
But i've been debating just leaving a super short email next week. but maybe i can stretch and leave a mushy sweet awesome one. haha
I can't wait to preach some blood and thunder doctrine to the young men. they will won't even look at girls or alcohol or drugs ever again, they won't even think of looking!!!....... or i'll just talk about the glories of mission and build them spiritually. i guess i can decide when i get to that point. i'm just in a joking mood today, i guess.
well have a great week!
i hope all is well!
i'll try to keep the trunky bugs away this week. but next week..... eish.
the church is true!
-elder johnson

Monday, November 01, 2010

Hello hello hello family!
wow it sounded like a great week in the sports world. aside from us
getting jumped by other teams! Don't worry all things will work
together for our good.
ya that 12 year gap until the michigan state games is a little long. i
think there might be a kevin curtis jr. by then.
So everything is still cool here. We are having a great time teaching
and preaching and working as missionaries do! We have 15 people on
date for baptism now!
We finally saw conference this week! it was awesoem. the priesthood
session was incredible! Uchtdorf is the man and Pres. monson was great
as well.
I heard there was a big stir about president packer's talk. but.... i
don't really see why. What he taught was in harmony with the gospel.
sometimes people like to find reasons to be offended. "he who takes
offence when none is intended is a fool"
unfortunately we only had 4 investigators attend! And sometimes the
talks go right over their heads.... it's hard for me to really enjoy
the talks because the whole time i'm worried about how my
investigators are understanding them!
So i look forward to being able to watch and read them again later
when i can really focus on it!
But time is flying! so i guess i'm doing something right!
We are currently moving and it is hectic! the people who are in our
new place ar not leaving in time! so we are stranded at other
missionaries flats. and i haven't had a clean shirt for like 2 days
now! so hopefully by tonight we'll be in our new place!
We also had some great lessons this week, but norman and mogorosi went
out of town again!! he works for the military and they are keeping him
busy!! EISH!
So i'm very happy and life is good. the weather is getting a bit more
interesting it rains once a week now which is a pretty nice change
from the usual 40 degree celsius heat. But i hope everything goes
well! this week! have a good one!
the church is true!
-elder johnson

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