Tuesday, November 30, 2010

THE END- the last email- THE BEGINNING

Check out the collar- only my boy!

Monday, November 29, 2010
well, BSU lost there first and last games they played while i was on my mission. Bummer! But that news about dallin briner was very sad. And it really does put things into perspective.
But i am very excited to see you all this week! thursday night is goingt to be hectic! we'll have to pray for the weather to co-operate from what i've heard there has been some crazy storms. i'll be on the plane. just make sure the runways ready!
I will take your advice for the flight dad! I'm hoping that i won't be too out of it when i get home!
the bad news this week is that i've had a cold and a terrible headache the last few days.... it's been pretty lame. THE BEST NEWS is that Sibahle got baptized! and that she is so powerful! i'm so happy i got to baptize on my last sunday! I'll send a picture! But you'll see it either way on friday!
But i will just bear a short testimony today.... because you'll be hearing my testimony non-stop for the next month. But i know that god lives, that christ is his son. that he lives as well. That Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that thomas s monson is a prophet today. The Church is true I have no doubt of that!
Have a great week!
-Elder Michael forrest johnson

On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 8:43 AM, Johnson, George (ACSO-Boise) wrote:
Hi Michael:

Well, you will be going to the Boise State game, but I regret to inform you that they will not be undefeated. We lost to University of Nevada in OT Friday night. So it was definitely a Black Friday! I’m not going to attach an article and pictures because I don’t want you to dwell on anything negative as you end your mission today.

It has been a long day of Bishoping, as I spent 4 hours with a couple who are having some struggles. So it is late and I need to be brief. I suspect your time is short as well. Tell us really quick what you have to do in order to get to the mission home and then make your flight home.

I hope everything went well this last week of your mission. I’m so proud (in the Uchtdorf way J) of your diligent service in South Africa & Botswana! I know Heavenly Father is please with you and that you will reap blessings from your missionary service for the rest of your life. We are looking forward so much to welcoming you home and I couldn’t help but think as I was meeting with the Priests today how awesome it will be to have you teach them next Sunday!

I hope you will use your experience serving the Lord this past two years as a pattern for your entire life, serving with diligence, obedience, faith, enthusiasm and love. I promise if you always do that your life will be blessed, your service meaningful and fruitful, and your joy great.

Son, thank you for returning with honor!


P.S. – Let us know if there is anything you need last minute. I can transfer cash to your account.

SEE YOU THURSDAY NIGHT – Oh and by the way, I’d recommend sleeping on your flight from Johannesburg to London as soon as you finish your first meal. Stay awake while you are in London Heathrow, then sleep after your first meal on the London to Seattle flight. Once on U.S. soil, do your best to stay awake as that will get your body clock on U.S. time. Once you are home, I’ll set you up on some Melatonin to help you get your sleep cycles on track.

Dear Michael,
I can hardly believe that this is the last email I will be writing you as a missionary. I remember when you left. Dad and I came home from the airport and stood in front of the fireplace and held each other and cried. We then looked at each other and got on with our day. Like Jeff, I was so pleased to have you serving the Lord, and being obedient. It was hard to have you gone, I missed you, but I was always sustained by the knowledge that the Lord would protect you and that you were in His hands.
As the time went by I could see the growth that was taking place spiritually and emotionally. I am indebted to the Lord for what missions do for my boys. I know that the last two years that you gave in service to your Father in Heaven will bless your life everyday, FOREVER. I know that as difficult as it can be to leave behind family and friends, music, etc, it will be even more difficult to leave those whom you have grown to love, and the land that has become your home. But the Lord has a plan for you and knows that it is now time for you to move forward. To begin preparations for the most important time of your life. Becoming a husband and father, beginning your schooling and career, and serving the Lord for the rest of your life. Not necessarily in that order! I know that you are overwhelmed with emotions, that the transition can be intimidating, but you will be fine. You will find that you are still the same Mikey with a twist! I cannot wait to meet you!
I am so proud to your mother, you are such a joy to me. I marvel at your ability to love, your positive attitude, your willingness to be obedient, and the joy you get from life. So many others have been touched by these things, and I know you will have many more opportunities to share your talents with others. The Lord has given you these traits to serve him and others and you have done a wonderful job. Thank you for the example you have set for Kevin. You have no idea the impact you have had on him. He loves and admires you so much. He is so excited to go his mission and I know that your positive attitude and efforts you have given have influenced him so much. He loves you! We all do.
I have tried to bear my testimony to you over time. But I have to say that I am just beginning to realize what my testimony really is and let it guide me. I am not making much sense but I have grown spiritually so much just these last few months. I LOVE the temple, I love the Book of Mormon, I love the Prophet and know that he is the mouthpiece of the Lord. I love our family and am so grateful that we can be together forever as we live the gospel. I am so grateful for the knowledge that the Lord knows us. And because He knows us can protect, guide, and provide what is best for us. I am so thankful for the atonement. That it not only makes up for my sins and shortcomings but allows a way to overcome my sorrows and pains. I love the Lord Jesus Christ and know He lives. He is the Savior and Redeemer of ALL mankind. And He loves us.
And so my son, I write this last email to you and hope you know the love I have for you. My heart is overflowing at the thoughts of seeing you again. I hope that you will leave knowing that you gave your best, that the Lord is pleased and that you will return with honor.
I pray your trip goes smoothly, that you will be able to rest- I know Dad will give you some good tips- and that you will be safe. I am 0-2 on my missionaries getting home on the day they were supposed too- so PLEASE don't miss your flights and GET BACK TO YO MOMMA!!!!
I love you,

I want to say that BSU's loss has made such an impact on me. Rather the perspective of it has. It was sad, frustrating and nauseating. BUT, today we received news that Dallin Briner was killed in an auto accident, we will share more when you get home, we will know more, but it has made it all seem so trivial. Life goes on, time will heal, that is for BSU but a young man has been called home for a greater purpose. I am humbled by life's fraility and can only pray that I am ready when I am called home. Love ya!

I will post pictures of his return as soon as possible.

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