Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Robbery? Are You Kidding Me???

Well, this is the FIRST "bad" thing Michael has told us about. I am certain there will be others that we will find out about when he gets home. I never worry about my missionaries while they are serving the Lord. I feel that they are in His hands and will be protected. Jeffrey had some wild stories that he told us once he was home and I am sure Michael will have a few. Keeping it quiet is the best thing for this momma!!
Tomorrow marks 3 weeks til he is home. I am so excited! With Thanksgiving right around the corner and all the preparations for the holidays, it will be here before I know it. Enough for now!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Well... I am PROUD TO BE A BRONCO. where at least i know i'm free. And i won't forget the BYU students who can't let their faces get hairy! haha
well just to get the foreshadowing to a great homecoming story out of the way.... I had to buy a new bag and scriptures this week and we are missing a window in our car! :) So... hopefully my home funds can keep me afloat at the end of the month!
but that's enough on that, i'll tell you the rest in a few weeks!
So what's new this week? well we had a great lesson with Uyapho this week! we are still working with him it's gonna be a long hard road but we're gonna get him even if i'm not there for it! We also have had some great new investigators who are progressing wonderfully. We finally found out some of the concerns that are keeping norman from being baptized. So hopefully we can iron some of those out before the 28th. We're still hoping for that to be a VERY BIG DAY!
Wow, i hope that my room will be in good shape still. I can't believe it will be the same?!?!
It sounds like boise state continues to dominate! i can't wait to get involved with the school and sporting events and all that jazz! speaking of jazz, i was even thinking about doing choir there. but we'll see.
Eish... it was a crazy week. definately one to remember. And this week we have SO MANY meetings. zone conference and leadership councils. and we pretty much have to set up everything. it's good to be busy it gives you little time to think about anything else.
I'm glad to hear that jeff is loving arizona. I would love to go there again. hopefully we'll be blessed with a BCS game there.
And yes the big b-day is coming. i can finally say i'm 21 and i'll be an official adult in the countries i'm serving in. Over here you're not a legal major until your 21.
I loved hearing dad's story from his mission about crazy land lords. At least people over there only hate you because you're a "mormon" Here people hate me because i'm white. but they love me because i'm a missionary. And police don't help here, they hinder. :)
I realized i never really heard to many stories about dad's mission. But i guess we'll be talking a lot about missions in a few weeks so that will be a good time to hear some.
well i hope all is well! it was raining like crazy today. i hope it continues! its a good change!
the church is true
-elder johnson

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