Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Work is Going Strong!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Hello hello hello family!
wow it sounded like a great week in the sports world. aside from us
getting jumped by other teams! Don't worry all things will work
together for our good.
ya that 12 year gap until the michigan state games is a little long. i
think there might be a kevin curtis jr. by then.
So everything is still cool here. We are having a great time teaching
and preaching and working as missionaries do! We have 15 people on
date for baptism now!
We finally saw conference this week! it was awesoem. the priesthood
session was incredible! Uchtdorf is the man and Pres. monson was great
as well.
I heard there was a big stir about president packer's talk. but.... i
don't really see why. What he taught was in harmony with the gospel.
sometimes people like to find reasons to be offended. "he who takes
offence when none is intended is a fool"
unfortunately we only had 4 investigators attend! And sometimes the
talks go right over their heads.... it's hard for me to really enjoy
the talks because the whole time i'm worried about how my
investigators are understanding them!
So i look forward to being able to watch and read them again later
when i can really focus on it!
But time is flying! so i guess i'm doing something right!
We are currently moving and it is hectic! the people who are in our
new place ar not leaving in time! so we are stranded at other
missionaries flats. and i haven't had a clean shirt for like 2 days
now! so hopefully by tonight we'll be in our new place!
We also had some great lessons this week, but norman and mogorosi went
out of town again!! he works for the military and they are keeping him
busy!! EISH!
So i'm very happy and life is good. the weather is getting a bit more
interesting it rains once a week now which is a pretty nice change
from the usual 40 degree celsius heat. But i hope everything goes
well! this week! have a good one!
the church is true!
-elder johnson
The pictures are just a random ones that I found online. But they show the beauty of the land that Michael has been serving in. I know the next few weeks will be very full of service, teaching and goodbyes. It will not be easy. But I know Michael will finish strong and do his best to the very end.

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